10+ Birthday Invitation Free Template in PSD


Birthday Invitation Templates: Free Printable Template

Birthday invitation templates are useful to make the real printable birthday invitation. You can make the birthday card easily. You can use a Microsoft Office especially Word to make the birthday templates. It can be Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365. To differentiate the birthday invitation template, it is the form and design.

How to Make Printable Birthday Invitation Templates

You can make some kinds of birthday invitation templates with Microsoft Office. To create this template, you should download the template to your computer in which it must be connected to the internet. Then, you open your Microsoft Word to design the template.

Open New Page

The first step is opening a new page of your Microsoft Word. If you use Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019, select a menu of File and click New. If you use Office Online 365, after you open an online program, you click See More Template on the bottom part.

On the search box, you should input the keyword of the birthday for finding the template. You can adjust the keyword-based on the needs. After that, you select the most suitable birthday invitation templates. For example, you choose the theme of a template called Birthday Card Program.

Downloading the Template

After selecting the birthday invitation templates, the next Microsoft Office Word will download the chosen template. You must wait for a while until the downloading process is ended.

Choosing Your Size

Do you want to share the birthday invitation on social media? You should use Adobe. It is ready to help you. You can select the size of the designed template working on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or your blog.

Selecting the Right Theme

You may select the designed pre-made theme to express an esthetic situation. You should choose one talking to you and then enjoy the joy in which it changes to be yours. The theme must be suitable for the concept of a birthday party.

Deciding Your Image

If you want to insert an image to your invitation, make sure that Adobe Spark enables it. Then, you upload or find the perfect images to complete your text. Then, change, cut, multiply, and make a collage of the image to make the birthday invitation templates look attractive.

After it has completed, it is time to share your birthday invitation templates. Release it into all over the world. Click share on Adobe Spark after you have finished on Microsoft. You will be given the option of download, posting, or sending an email.

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