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How to create an award certificate without relying on the award certificate template

Award certificate templates are often the mainstay for everyone to design certificates that will be given at an event. This is because it is very simple and easy and does not require a long time and process to prepare the certificate.

Unfortunately, despite the advantages and advantages offered, there are still weaknesses that can make it unattractive and lose from certificates which are the results of their design.

Therefore, if you prefer to design a certificate on your own without relying on templates, that is one pretty good step that you take. Especially if you only rely on the template, usually the design award certificate will seem like a rigid and not monotonous seen by others later.

Tips for making an award certificate that is more attractive than an award certificate template

Well, if you have decided to make it yourself, then there are a few tips you can follow when making it. Some of these tips are basic tips, but they can also be an important enough element to make the award certificate design look very attractive later.

Choose a platform

Decide in advance what platform you will use. Currently, you can use software such as the graphic design in the form of Corel Draw, for example, if you want the dynamism of design and freedom in its manufacture.

However, if you want to choose a way that is not too complicated or difficult but still prioritizes your dynamics and tastes, you can take advantage of graphic design web services such as Canva, Adobe Spark, or Evite for example.

Determine the size

Next, determine the size that you will use later. You can see the size of the award certificate template as an example or reference. Know what the right size is if you plan to make a certificate of appreciation in the form of a portrait or the form of landscape.

Determine the theme and design

After that, you can determine the theme and design that you will use in your later certificate. The key is to adjust it to the activities that you carry out. If the theme of your event is technology, then you can solve it with a design or technology theme.

Likewise, if you are organizing an event with an educational theme, then simply adjust it to design the education in the certificate.

Well, here are some tips that you can follow when you want to create your award certificate design without relying on the award certificate template. Although it looks a little inconvenient, by making your design, you will be more able to express ideas and be free to design it according to what you want.

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