What Is An Endorsement Letter? Here Is A Sample Letter For You

Living in digital era means you are quite familiar with the word “endorsement”. This term means you support someone, a product, a company, a group, an event, or movement. You will need an endorsement letter in order to endorse those things. In order to make a good endorsement report, here are some information you need to know in advance. Check it down below!

Request an Endorsement

It is better to state your company’s name or your identity. You should use specific language clearly in order to make request of endorsement. You must explain why your company make the endorsement’s request in the first place. You also need to attach the clear guidelines in the letter about the length, content, and format of endorsement. Last but not least, you must thank the readers for considering your endorsements.

Is there any types of endorsement out there?

Yes. Mainly there are five types of endorsement letter that have some kind of principal, namely blank, special, qualified, partial, and restrictive. Those types of endorsement letter basically have difference in terms of payment’s format and endorsement negotiation.

How to Write a Good Endorsement?

You should spend several hours to write a clear concept or organization about the product and the person. Do not forget some crucial information related to the product and also the person. It is because you have to make the endorsement has effects in your products and your company. Here are three things you should pay attention to make a good endorsement, including:

  1. State and Identify Yourself on The Endorsement

State your company and the person or company whom your product is endorsing. You can also put positions that are quite pertinent to your company’s endorsement.

  1. Explains The Reasons

Make sure to substantiate and explains the reasons behind the endorsements in order to make impacts of your endorsement letter. It is better to write down the history of the relationship between you and the person. Explains the reasons why you choose this person and why you think that she or he is a good or even a best person for this project.

  1. Reiterate Your Endorsement

Conclude and summarize the reasons why you think your endorsements matters in any aspects. You also need to include important information and offer some follow up questions on your endorsement for your business partners. You can see the example of endorsement letter down below:


Travis Franco

IT Director

MetLife Company

123 Scottsdale Street

Florida, United States, 88889




Mr. James Dave

IT Manager


234 Somewhere Road

Best Town, State 99999


Dear Mr. Dave

            I have been the IT Director at MetLife Company for past 7 years where it

Was my privilege to hire and work with Joe Scott.

I hired Joe four years ago to work in IT technician within the IT Department. It became obvious that Joe was overqualified for this job positions and actually Joe was quickly promoted to the development group. Joe has been managing the company’s internal developments and any projects. He has duties including writing specifications, managing external software, sourcing hardware, and overseeing assurance testing.

Joe is an honest, intelligent, hardworking, and trustworthy person. He can works well with other coworkers. I am confident that he can be able to provide and support value to your company. If you have any questions, please call me at (989) 647-2736.



Travis Franco





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