5+ Lease Agreement Template


Get To Know More About Lease Agreement Template Sample


lease When a lessee can agreement template sample is used when there is an agreement of property rental by a lessee. This agreement should fulfill the needs of both parties.

Rent property like an apartment or a house, there is a bunch of paperwork assigned. One of the standard paperwork attached is the lease agreement template sample. Both the tenant and the owner will be bound by this agreement.


What Is A Lease Agreement Template Sample?

It is a contract that is made and known by the landlord and a tenant or lessee. Through this agreement, a landlord gives a lessee the right to stay and live in a property during a specific period.

The lease agreement template sample will help both parties to understand each term of the agreement. Moreover, the involved parties can give an objection to one of the words written in an agreement. So, what is included in it?

1. The terms in lease agreement template sample

The template consists of several sections that should not be missed, such as:

  • The all parties’ names involved in the agreement
  • The location of the property, as well as a description of it.
  • The occupancy limits and terms
  • Utilities included and the rent fee
  • Security deposit
  • Late fee
  • Maintenance, repairs, and alternations
  • The access to the property
  • Pets terms and rules
  • Signatures of both parties

2. The difference between the lease agreement and rental agreement

For some people, they view these two agreements as one. If you still get confused with both terms, you need to read this part carefully. These two agreements have a slight difference. That is in the part of the period of the contract.

For the lease agreement, it is usually between the landlord and the lessee who rents the property. The period that is usually stated in the lease agreement template sample is more extended than the rental agreement. It is about 6 to 12 months.


While the rental agreement usually has a shorter time. It is generally for 30 days or month to month agreement. The rental agreement will be renewed if the end of the month is nearly coming, but different treatment is for the lease agreement. It is not restored until the mentioned time is over.


Now, you have known the difference between those agreements. If you want to create one, especially the lease agreement template sample, it is essential to know the tenants. You can be sure that there will be not any problem disturbing you in the future.



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