10+ Weekly Lesson Plan free psd template


Weekly Lesson Plan Template


Prepare for success by designing individual personalized weekly lesson plans. Having an irregular schedule of lessons will make it difficult for us to determine the calendar for other personal activities. Therefore, you must create a weekly lesson plan template that has an attractive and fresh design.

Making a weekly lesson template is different for each individual to adjust to the personal activities they have. Weekly lesson plans are not made for everyone but for individuals to coordinate the model to work more effectively.

To make it easier for you to create templates, you can use Canva or other software applications to make it easier for you to manage your schedule effectively and efficiently.


How to Make a Weekly Lesson Plan Template in Canva

Make a weekly lesson template design that is interesting and easy to read so that your learning activities are more effective. Let’s find out how to make it through the Canva application below.


  1. Choose a Simple but Good Template

The first step that must be done to create a Weekly Lesson Plan Template in Canva is that you first choose a simple and functional template. The way you can search the model “Weekly Lesson,” there are many templates that you can opt for free.

After choosing the template, you can immediately change the image from Canva stock, or you can also select it from the gallery application that you find interesting and suitable to use.


  1. Change font

After you choose the template, then change the image, choose a suitable font, easy to read clearly, and the size is also balanced with the size of the model you have chosen. Well, in the Canva application, there are more than 130 new fonts.

Surely you don’t need to choose a font with a complicated style that looks italic or Latin letters but selects a font that is easy to read.


  1. Change the background

You are also advised to change the background of our library or use images from the gallery. Pictures will positively significantly affect the design of attractive templates.

Also, please choose an image bright in color to make it easier to see, don’t forget to select a model whose color is also integrated with the font you chose.


  1. Add a Table in the Template

To make weekly lessons easier to read, you should add a table in the template to write the schedule every day to look neat and easy to read and understand.

Make sure you write the schedule correctly in the template. Well, put the table in the middle of the model so that it’s easy to see from any side.


  1. Add Attractive Icons

For the weekly lesson plan template to look better, you should add a touch of new icons. When looking at the schedule, it is not monotonous because it has a unique touch icon, like a book and pencil icon strategically placed in the corner of the template.


If it is filled with writing, it certainly will make the design look so monotonous.

Weekly Lesson Plan Design Ideas

Weekly Lesson Plan Example

Make a weekly lesson plan template that can spark enthusiasm for learning, besides making sure the model is made accessible to read from any side, so it is easy to see.




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