10+ Greeting Card free template in PSD


Greeting Card Template


Make greeting card templates with attractive designs to make your family, friends, and others more memorable. If the invitation card is sound, it can inspire others to attend. There are various templates available for making greeting cards on online sites, or you can also make your own through Photoshop software applications.

Of course, to make a unique greeting card, you need an attitude of creativity that you have to make the template design look simple, neat, and enjoyable to read.


On various online sites, template greeting cards are now available for you to choose from.


Tips on Making a Greeting Card Template

Let’s find out a few tips for making attractive greeting card templates the easy way below.


  1. Choose size

There are several sizes to choose from for making greeting cards; there are “standard” options. If you want to make a greeting card with the “poster,” choice, then use the “portrait” or “square” model for the best results.

Make a Greeting Card Design According to the Theme that matches the color, Theme, and event that will be created. If you have trouble making your design, you can look for it on various online sites. Make sure you choose the right size and orientation of the greeting card that is appropriate and appropriate so that it seems exciting and memorable for the reader.


  1. Choose an interesting theme

Be aware that choosing the best Theme is the starting point for starting the design you have to make. The goal is that other people know more about what messages are written for them.

If seen from the Theme alone is interesting, it will make other people or guests feel memorable when reading the message.

  1. Give your card personality with pictures

For your card to be more communicative, you should give an identity or personality by adding a picture to make it look attractive with a visual touch.

Well, you can choose the best photos to make greeting cards more interesting to look at.


  1. Personalize Text

Next, the thing you have to do is personalize the text by adjusting the right font. Well, you have to choose a simple font style that is easy for others to read.

Thus what you write will also be more easily conveyed to guests.


  1. Add a Logo

After selecting the text that matches the template that you created, you also need to add a logo to make it look more official. Adding this logo is quite flexible. You can add it if you want to introduce a particular brand.

  1. Write a message that touches the heart

You should write a heartfelt message to the guests to make it more memorable. Write your congratulations, the sympathy you have on your readers so that the reader can more easily understand what you are writing about.

To be more conveyed, you can also use the edit options to change the font color, speech, opacity, spacing, and shape.


Thus, the message you write will be more easily conveyed to the intended person.

Greeting Card Example

If the greeting card template design is attractive, of course, people who read it will feel more memorable.



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