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Permission Slip Template


When you want to invite students to do activities outside of school, you must know how to make permission slip templates to be allowed to do activities outside of school, such as visiting a place to deepen knowledge.

Of course, the permission slip can also be used for other things such as to fill in the reasons children do not attend learning activities at school for specific purposes.


Fortunately, you can easily create permission slips that can be done by downloading the template slip permissions and then editing the reason by entering all the details you need. Requirements that must be included in the permit slip are accompanied by a person’s signature accompanied by contact that can be contacted.

If you have made permission slip templates, then you can travel quietly with parental consent.


How to Make a Permission Slip Template

Don’t know how to make permission slips? Come on, understand the instructions contained below.


  1. Use a Word Processing Program

The first clue to make a permission slip template is to choose a word processing program on a computer such as Microsoft Word, Google Pages, or Google Docs.

In some cases, it is recommended to make permission slips using clear and standard fonts so that they are easy to read and understand, such as Times New Roman and Arial fonts, which are 12 in size.


  1. Write down in detail

The next thing you should do in making permission slips is to write everything that answers questions related to specific activities. Of course, some of the answers in question include the question of who, when, where, why, and how much.

The contents must be explicit permission slips intended for who, when, where, how, and accompanied by clear reasons.


Don’t forget to enter school contact information so that student guardians can be contacted with a variety of questions.


  1. Create a column for student guardians to give permission

Next, you are advised to make a student guardian column so you can write down your consent or not for various reasons. Well, explicit consent written can be started from writing the name and then writing the reason you gave permission.

If not permitted, write down the reasons for not giving the child permission to travel, for example, due to illness.


  1. Add Emergency Contact Options

The next thing you should do is add an emergency contact option by creating a column to write an emergency contact that can be contacted if something happens with students, and then the parent cannot be reached.

  1. Add the Parent TTD Column

Don’t forget to add the Parent TTD column at the bottom; of course, the parent’s signature becomes the most critical structure in the permission slip template.

  1. Create a Permission Slip in Letter Format

The next thing you should know when writing slip permission is that the format is made like a letter. Well, don’t also forget to start writing with the words “Honorable.”


Use communicative language with polite words; don’t forget to end the letter with thanks.

Permission Slip Design Ideas

So, making a template slip permission is not difficult because the standard has a format like a letter written in Microsoft word processing.



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