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Fresher Resume Template to Face the Recruitment Process

For a fresher, writing a professional resume is a challenging matter to be done. Well, by having no experience, of course, a fresher needs to know what to be written inside it. That is why considering the ideas of a fresher resume template is important for more reference.

A resume is a professional document that a candidate needs to prepare. It consists of several basic information, as contact, education, employment history, and others. The detailed information will be the consideration by the recruiter to value whether a candidate is applicable or not.

On this occasion, we will talk about some matters of a fresher resume. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample of Professional Fresher Resume

To ease you in writing a professional fresher resume, seeing a sample of it can be a nice idea to be done. The sample will show the detailed point to be included inside a professional resume. Of course, there are many samples of the fresher resume for consideration.

However, here we have a simple but effective sample of that resume that you may follow.

Leonardo Mark

Green Valley, London, UK | (555) 912-0011 | leo.mark@email.com

Personal Summary

A dedicated teacher with a broad range of experiences as a professional educator looking to take a career to new opportunities in the new field with the high reputed educational facility as a fresher teacher. Ready to use all ability and passion to help the students grow.

Fresher Teacher Highlight

  • Fluency in earth science and world geography
  • Ability to assess the needs of students
  • Ability to adjust the curriculums
  • Proficient with the educational computer and internet
  • Exceptional teaching skills encouraging the students to follow the concept

Employment Experience

Assistant Teacher, 9/1/2008 – present

Golden Valley High School

North London, UK

  • Utilized the different teaching methodologies to handle the difficult teaching concept
  • Designed the development programs using the activity group and classroom
  • Encouraged the students to perform their best
  • Maintained the best standards of behavior
  • Worked with the different teacher to plan and implement the curriculum activities based on the teaching parameters

Substitute Teacher, 6/1/2004 – 11/2/2006

Green Lake High School

North London, UK

  • Maintained the classroom curriculum
  • Spontaneously prepare kinds of activity
  • Encouraged students to perform their best
  • Filled the teaching slots as it is needed
  • Conducted the lessons in various subjects


Master of Geography


The State University of North London, UK

How to Make a Professional Fresher Resume?

The sample of the fresher resume can be another reference when you want to write it. However, it is also important for you to know the steps to make it. Substantively, the steps to make a professional fresher resume are quite simple.

The steps to be considered are:

  • Choose the appropriate format for a resume
  • Add the name and other contact information
  • Write an interesting headline
  • Add the detailed personal statement of summary
  • Include the work experience
  • List the relevant skills
  • Add the detailed education, certification, and other awards if any

What are the tips to make a professional fresher resume?

To make a resume for fresher, there are some tips to be known. By knowing the tips, of course, writing a resume will be easier to be done and the result also will be better.

Some common tips to be known are:

  • Read the detailed job description
  • Include the up to date and relevant contact information
  • Write a powerful professional summary
  • Choose the best skills to highlight
  • Highlight the detailed education
  • Include the relevant experience
  • Proofread the resume

What are the best fonts to be used in writing a resume?

There are some types of fonts to be applied in writing a professional fresher resume, as:

  • Calibri
  • Cambria
  • Georgia
  • Garamond
  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Book Antiqua

Is a fresher resume should be written with a certain design?

Yes, a resume will be better to be written with a certain design. The design of the fresher resume will help you to show your professionalism to the recruiter. By this matter, you may get better attention from the recruiter.

On another hand, a certain design is also interesting to increase the readability of the detailed resume. With better readability, of course, the recruiter will be easier to read the detailed information inside the whole resume.

Kinds of Fresher Resume Template

Using a template to make a professional fresher resume is a good idea. The template shows the detailed points to be written inside the resume. Of course, by using a template, all you need to do is only following the detailed arrangement and personalize the whole information.

Basic Fresher Resume Template

The basic fresher resume template is a very simple template to be applied. This template is appropriate for a fresher that wants to look for a new job. By using this template, writing a professional resume will be easier to be done.

Simple Fresher Resume Template

A simple fresher resume template is what you need to get in starting the job journey. It is an excellent template to be followed. This simple template highlights the detailed information that you need to write inside a resume to get higher attention from the recruiter.

Software Engineer Fresher Resume Template

Do you want to be a new software engineer? Well, for a fresher, sometimes it is challenging to write a professional resume. However, by using this template, we are sure that you could make it easier. Just download this template and follow the detailed information.

Banking Fresher Resume Template

For those who want to join bank management, this template can be a sample to make a professional resume. Since the management will carefully choose the selected candidate, this template will be very useful to help you increase the personal value.

Electrical Fresher Resume Template

This electrical fresher resume template is a true helper to prove your capability. By using this template, of course, you could write your professional resume with a better result. A chance to be the new employee will be bigger!

Well, that is all about the resume for fresher to be known. You just need to find the best fresher resume template and follow its details to write yours!

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