No Show Appointment Letter and Its Sample

A missed appointment is very costly for a dental or medical provider & possibly for the patient. In this case, a no show appointment letter can be a polite but firm document that reminds your patients about the importance of keeping appointments. This article will discuss it further.


What Is a No Show Appointment?

A patient no show means a missed patient appointment he/she was scheduled. He/she didn’t appear for the appointment & created no prior contact with the clinic staff. If it happens, a doctor or clinic staff should write and send a letter for a no show appointment to the patient.

How Do You Deal with No Show Appointment?

To reduce a no show appointment, there are some good ways to consider:

  • Use automated reminders.
  • Allow pre-paid appointments.
  • Follow a missed appointment with an apologizing message.
  • Use multiple methods of reminder.
  • Always thank patients who keep appointments.
  • Give a printed copy of the appointment.

How to Make a No Show Appointment Letter

How to make such a letter can be done with the following steps:

  • To start the letter, you have to greet your patient first.
  • After that, acknowledge him/her as a valued patient.
  • Then, tell that he/she has missed appointment(s).
  • Next, inform anything related to the no show appointment.
  • For the next step, write your purpose.
  • Close and end the letter with your signature.

Tips to Make a No Show Appointment Letter

The following tips will be useful for you who want to make this kind of letter:

  • The format is customized in order suit individual circumstances.
  • Keep the tone professional and polite.
  • Invite your patient to reschedule the appointment.
  • Pay attention to grammar & spelling.
  • Proofread it to avoid errors & mistakes.

No Show Appointment Letter Sample

If you are looking for an example of a letter for a no show appointment, let’s see this:

Dear Mrs. Sheryn,

I honestly wish that you’re well. Thank you very much for choosing me as your doctor. You’re a valued patient. However, you’ve missed your last appointment on January 2nd, 2020 at 09.00 a.m. You won’t be charged since it is your first missed appointment. But I’m concerned about you & would like to hear from you directly.

If you cannot meet an appointment, you have to do cancel it at least 24 hours before the schedule. In fact, we have many patients and missing an appointment is a waste of time.

We know that you may have your own reasons. Anyway, I hope this no show appointment will not happen again. You can call our staff for cancellation or rescheduling appointment(s).

Anyway, I’m committed to provide you with the best care and answer questions related to your health. If you feel that you don’t need medical care anymore, please contact us at (111)-111-1111.


Dr. Boyke

Max Medical Clinic


That is all about a no show appointment letter. If you find that your patient didn’t show at the scheduled appointment, you can follow the sample above to write such a letter and send it to remind him/her.



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