Apology Letter to Teacher and Its Sample

Teachers must handle a lot. Even more, teachers must also perform with little gratitude. If a student talks back to his/her teacher or performs other inappropriate actions, it is a good idea to write and send an apology letter to teacher. In this article, we will discuss it further.


What Is an Apology Letter to Teacher?

This is a kind of letter sent by a student or parent to a teacher for a student’s inappropriate actions such as not attending classes. There is no exact format for this letter. However, you need to understand the rules. It is also better to look for examples.

What Should Be Included in an Apology Letter to Teacher?

An apology letter to a teacher should contain the following elements:

  • A salutation or greeting
  • An expression of appreciation
  • The explanation about what happened
  • Apologizing
  • A promise that it won’t happen again
  • A closing
  • Signature

How to Create an Apology Letter to Teacher

If you don’t know how to create such a letter, let’s pay attention to the following steps:

  • Start with your apology
  • State the responsibility to take for the harmful action
  • Close with promising not to act like that again in the future.
  • If there is additional information that needs to be added, just include it.

Tips to Create an Apology Letter to Teacher

Creating such a letter requires you to follow these important tips:

  • It should follow the formal format.
  • Use good spelling and grammar.
  • Pay attention to diction and writing style.
  • Keep it professional and polite.
  • Make a promise not to repeat that again.
  • Proofread it carefully.
  • Address it to the teacher directly.

A Sample of an Apology Letter to Teacher

For your reference, you can use the sample below:


Dear Mr. McKenny,

I’d like to apologize for my actions yesterday. I know that I did a disrespectful action by putting chocolate onto your chair. I really hurt you but I’m so sorry for that. I know that I should never do it. Now, I promise not to do that again.

You’re a great teacher. I’ve learned many things from you. Your class is always fun. You also make learning much easier. Even though I’ve been punished, I’d like to go beyond my punishment to show that I’ve learned from my mistake.

I hope you’ll continue to be an awesome teacher. You put up with your great abilities. I really respect you. Doing such action is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever done in the school. I promise to act to you respectfully. I’ll also try to make an example for my peers. Thank you very much for your forgiveness.

Sincerely yours,

Jason Cena


You have paid attention to the guidelines on how to create an apology letter to teacher. You have also seen an example of such a letter above. Now, it is your time to practice creating this kind of letter on your own. Just feel free to follow the sample above. Hopefully, this will help you a lot.


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