9+ Sample Dentist Curriculum Vitae


Sample Dentist Curriculum Vitae to land the first job

Dentist CVs are similar to medical CVs that will help you to ensure the recipient about your qualities. It contains many more sections than CVs for other professions. Therefore, if you never write this before, you can read sample dentist curriculum vitae that will guide you to arrange the proper CV.

Besides, in this sample dentist curriculum vitae idea, you also need to include the research, licensures, memberships, presentations, and publications sections. Many dentists and aspiring dentists find presenting the information to be a daunting task.

The sample dentist curriculum vitae template

To inspire you to write this template, you can read the following example that will guide you to arrange the proper CV without any difficulties.

Jack Wilson

Personal info

Phone: (777)-888-002

Email: wilsonjack43@gmail.com


A dedicated dentist with over ten years of experience in the dental field. Passionate about educating patients on the importance of oral hygiene and committed to giving the best patient care through communication and high-quality service.


Associate Dentist

Health Smile House Inc., Texas, April 2018 – present

  • Perform dental surgery such as prophylaxis, crown installation, and restoration
  • Improve an understanding of electronic health record software and the Dentrix Software system
  • Get 100% compliance with the regulatory and legislative requirement as well as the practice’s own protocol
  • Keep a record of medication, treatment, diagnosis, and patient engagement in the electronic record system


Direct Health, Texas, June 2016 – January 2018

  • Got over 98 percent positive patient satisfaction scores and post-visit surveys
  • Diagnosed the dental diseases suitable with the patient history, physical examination, X-rays, and other information
  • Improved enhanced patient care for those who suffered from dental anxiety for better patient satisfaction and retention
  • Collaborated with an oral surgeon, periodontists, dental hygienist, and other members of the team for enhanced patient care


  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, New York University College for Dentistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, New York University

Key skills 

  • Great interpersonal skills to enhance and effective patient care
  • Familiar with recording software programs
  • Exceptional critical thinking and analytical thinking and analytical skills
  • Improving the ability to diagnose problems and find a solution

How to create sample dentist curriculum vitae

Creating this CV is not too difficult if you understand the role of this document. The sample dentist curriculum vitae format will lead you to arrange the proper template. Moreover, you also need to know some steps to make this resume impressive to read. Here are some of the steps.

  • You can begin your CV by including your name, contact details, and location
  • You also need to include a personal statement/ professional statement that will sell yourself to the reader and communicate your value in just a few sentences
  • Remember to include your education because this job position should have completed an undergraduate degree and a doctoral degree
  • Include the licensures and certifications and both of them should be relevant and it needs to practice as a dentist vary by country and state

What should a dentist write on a CV?

When you are writing this CV, you need to pay attention to some ideas below. The sample dentist curriculum vitae design will lead you to make this resume getting impressive.

1) You need to begin your CV with a compelling dental objective or summary statement

2) Remember to layout your experience with achievement and key responsibility

3) Add an education section that will show them that you are the DDS or DMD that they want

4) List dentist skills and specialties that are tailored to the job description

How do I write a dentist curriculum vitae?

Furthermore, your curriculum vitae also will be better if you understand your CV very much on its goal. Gaining this purpose, you can write this resume this way.

1) Your listing should be reversed chronological order with the most current license that you have received in the topmost part of the list

2) Be specific in discussing your clinical and technical skills, abilities, expertise, and knowledge that can be used in dentistry operation

3) Before you send the CV for any medical dentistry facility or institution, you also need to compare it with the sample to make it better.

Kinds of a sample dentist curriculum vitae

Moreover, you should not worry to arrange this sample dentist curriculum vitae design idea because it has many types that will be suitable for your CV need. Gaining this purpose, you can read the following CV that is proper for your job position as a dentist.

Dental assistant Curriculum vitae template 

This CV is interesting because it shows your experience relevant with this dental assistant. Since you want to be an assistant, you need to include your skills relevant to this job position.

Pediatric dentist curriculum vitae 

If you want to be a pediatric dentist, you need to follow this CV because it explains detailed information about the pediatric dentist. In this resume, you can include the relevant skills and also experience that will ensure the people about your capabilities.

Example of dentist curriculum vitae 

An example of this CV will be impressive because it will lead you to arrange the proper template. It is simple but it will influence and help you very much to arrange this template suitable to your need.

Senior dentist curriculum vitae 

As you are a senior dentist, you need to have more experience and skills that will amaze the recipient. This CV shows that you can do everything relevant as a dentist. This CV emphasizes the skills and also experience because this job position is not for everyone.

Fresher dentist curriculum vitae 

Since you are a fresher dentist, you need to arrange your CV in this format. This format, will emphasize the skills and also your education. Therefore, you have to show your qualities through the skills and your education.

With those ideas, you will get the satisfaction CV without any difficulties. This sample dentist curriculum vitae will be useful because it guides you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties.

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