Inquiry Letter 101: Formulas and Samples

Letter of inquiry is a letter that request information to the recipient. The subject is various depend on the needs of the writer. The purpose of the letter is to get the recipient responds to the request regarding the inquiry.  Basically, related to the subject, there are three kinds of inquiry letters: inquiry about job vacancy, product, and service.

Basic Formula of all kinds of Inquiry Letter

The basic format of inquiry letter regardless of the subject is:

  1. The date and place of writing
  2. The address, name, and institution of the recipient
  3. Salutation
  4. Introductory paragraph stating the purpose of your letter (what kind of request)
  5. Body paragraph telling about the detail of your request (why do you need the products or services, the details about your achievement and skills regarding the job position you want to apply)
  6. Closing paragraph enclosing your contact information (CV for job recruitment)
  7. Thanking the recipient
  8. Signature and the name of the writer

A Good Sample of Job Recruitment Inquiry Letter

Here is an example of vacancy inquiry for a position in research department of an eco-tech company:

January 17, 2021


George Benington

Senior Manager, Human Resources Department

ZZZ Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.


Subject: Job vacancy and profile related inquiry


Dear Mr. Benington,

My name is Alex Bukowsky. I have learned about career opportunities at ECO Tech Inc. and I am interested in securing a position in research department. I was graduated from Ecology Science in Boston, I am sure that I can match the requirements of ECO Tech Inc.

Currently, I am working for GreenTech Inc. in Washington as my internship program. I am involved in waste management and treatment. I also had some experiences as assistant for my professor, Mike Coleman, in his research about waste and green environment.

I hope you will inform me when a suitable recruitment comes. You can reach me at (222) 333-4444 or by email I also enclose my resume to your consideration. Thank you for the time.



Alex Bukowsky.  


A Good Sample of Products/Services Inquiry Letter

Here is a good sample about a university student who needs information about a product from a company related to his research.

Ecology and Business Department

Boston University


January 7, 2021

Management Department

ECOTech Inc.



Dear Sir,

I write this letter as I am interested in your brand new product, XXXX. Related to my research about ecology and environment, I hope you are willing to send me further information about your product or its brochure before February 1, 2021.

The brochure will be needed as supplementary data of my report about ecology and green environment, as I found that your product’s purpose fitted the criteria of my research. I hope that you are giving me permission to use this valuable information so that I can finish my report perfectly.

You can send it through my email or send it by post to the address written above. Thank you for your appreciation.



Alvin Jr.

Student of Ecology and Business Department

University of Boston  


That is all you need to know about letter of inquiry, the formula, and the sample. May it become a good reference to make your own letter. Good luck!



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