Simple Tips To Write An Employee Appreciation Letter

Having a loyal and diligent employee is a gift for an employer. If you feel happy with the achievements made by your employees, you must formally thank your employee. You may not be able to raise her/his salary or give certain gifts, but you can reward your employees’ good performance by writing an employee appreciation letter. The following will briefly discuss the elements and simple format of the letter.


What Are Tips To Write An Appreciation Letter?

To write a good letter of appreciation, you can follow these simple tips:

Clear And Concise

Write your letter in a clear, concise, and specific format. Express your gratitude for the employee who has done a great job. Write several examples of the good performance your employees have done.

Express Your Happiness

You can say that you are very happy with the achievements made by your loyal employee. Express your joy sincerely and state your hope that you are looking forward to the employee’s good performance in the future.

Sign The Letter

Even if you want to type or write a letter of appreciation, you must sign it properly. It is better if you write an employee appreciation letter yourself, so your employee will feel that you are truly sincere.

Greet by Name

You can mention your employee’s name in the letter to give a warm and sincere impression, so employees will feel happy.

What Is The Format of An Appreciation Letter?

The letter of appreciation that you write must have several elements to make it look professional. You must include the name and title of the employee you are going to give the letter and write a big thank you for the hard work done by your employee. By writing this letter, employees will feel valued and motivated to do a better job in the future. Write your letter in a positive and wise tone to make it look more impressive and elegant.

Employee Appreciation Letter Sample

You can read and notice the simple format of an appreciation letter below to get a new idea:

Dear Mr. Walter,

Thank you for the great work you have done these years. The hard work and loyalty that you give help much in the progress of our company. We want to make sure you are a very valued employee, Walter. You are truly extraordinary.

The recent mass layoffs show how much our company is experiencing a serious crisis. Some employees feel confused and afraid that they will be fired, on the other hand, the tasks are piling up that they have to burden other employees. I am very happy with the way you solve this problem, you do your job well while giving direction to your other colleagues. You are even willing to sleep in the office and do work early to complete some unfinished projects and tasks.

Thank you Walter for the dedication and incredibly hard work you’ve put into the company over the past few years. We appreciate everything you do. We are waiting for your better performance in the future.

With Sincere Gratitude,


Ben Zachary

Cc: Evelyn Megan


Human Resources Department

XYZ Company

That’s all our short explanation about an employee appreciation letter. The most important thing about writing your letter is you have to be sincere and concise to make an impressive format.



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