5+ Corrective Action Plan Template


Corrective Action Plan Template Sample That Helps the Company Getting Through the Crisis

What is a corrective action plan?

An action plan is an outline of actions to reach a specific goal. It’s part or implementation of a strategy to make the company survive. It could also be a formulation of steps in a sequence order that has to be taken or performed well.

The corrective action plan is a procedure when an incident happens. It could also be a failure or mistake that happen, like a target that is not fulfilled. So, improvement or treatment could be applied to make everything stay on the right track. It’s also part of risk assessment.

Tips on making a corrective action plan

Before making the corrective action plan, you have to understand the strategy of your company. The corrective action plan should help the company to implement its strategy. Usually, the corrective action plan is handled by the manager or supervisor of a department.

By using the corrective action plan template sample, you could follow the available pattern. Choose the department that you need. Then put a table to put the root or cause of the problem, process measure or outcome, and specific action to correct the problem.

Another tip is to add the responsible persons that addressed to the problems. The action items should also be included. Then, the measurable solution would make clear indication if the problem is considered clear. Deadlines will ensure it to be done in time. Then, it would be all clear how to correct the incident.

Corrective action plan sample

Different companies apply different corrective action plans. Most of them use the corrective action plan to control a project or action in the company. For example, in product failure, production process, sales marketing, and audit finding.

The corrective action plan that your company needs might not be different from these samples. It might need some editing. Like adjusting the company name, process name, and other details. It already reflects an ideal corrective action plan that a big company usually runs.

How to use the corrective action plan template

Download the corrective action plan template. There are various templates to download from word file, excel file, and pdf file. The pdf template is ideal to be printed directly. The pdf file has to be converted first before editing. In the converting process, sometimes it breaks and the format or layout went wrong.

So, a file with Docx or Xlsx extension is more preferable. After adjusting the template and doing some changes to suit your need, the corrective action plan template sample is ready.

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