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Photo Collage Template Apps for PC & Mobile

Well, I am not the type of person who is always taking selfies every time I went. In my ideal, I better selfie in some kind of a rare moment. However, I had an interest in graphical design that probably necessary to know. So, here is my recommendation for photo collage template apps for PC and mobile.

For PC


Canva is an online photo collage app that available on PC. Well, it is basically a website-based online app. In other words, it is also available for mobile. However, I prefer to use it on the PC for better stuff, like the loading, interface, and more.

It is not different from other photo collage template apps. Most of the templates in Canva are free to use by the user. However, there are premium templates that require you to pay for money. Well, imitating a premium template is probably easy if you do it in other apps, like Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop. However, don’t use it for commercial stuff if you don’t want to get sued.

Pick “Personal Use,” and you will be given a lot of templates for your social media and such. Remember, “Personal Use” means you can’t use it for commercial purposes, such as your corporation need some kind of promoting its brand.

Shape Collage

Shape Collage is a platform for making photo collages on PC. This app is useful in making cards, posters, wallpapers, and more. I just visited the webpage that Shape Collage is for Personal Use only. Guess we have to design our own photo collage templates if we want it for commercial purposes.

For Mobile

Photo Grid

Well, Mobile apps are the easiest way to design your collage template. More than 7 million users downloaded PhotoGrid for their personal use collage templates. With the extraordinary quality, PhotoGrid achieved as the Best App on Google Play in 2016. There are more than 400 templates for making a photo collage. Remember, Personal Use only.

Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid

Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid is one of the recommendations for the mobile platform. Here, you are able to insert many kinds of photos and stickers in one template. Not just that, you can even adjust the brightness, effects, and many more.

As a summary, there are many photo collage template apps over the internet. Most of them are Personal Use only. So, don’t use them for commercial purposes.

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