Endorsement Letter to Show Some Supports

A letter is a printed document that is applied to make such effective communication. It can be used for many reasons and purposes, including to give support. Well, one of the kinds of letters that are applied to deliver support is an endorsement letter.

As its name, an endorsement letter is a document that is applied to endorse. It could be used for endorsing individuals, products, businesses, or others. Of course, in common, the letter will be made by an individual that has a good track record in a specific area or those who have a big influence.


What Are the Benefit of Endorsement Letter?

In common, the endorsement letter comes for business reasons. These are some benefits that can be the reason why this letter is important. Well, when it comes to the product, an endorsement letter will be very useful to help the standing out of the brand.

On another hand, this letter is also nice since it becomes a matter to show credibility. Through a big endorsement, an individual or a product as the object there is claimed have great credibility and trust. Later, the endorsement will create a brand trigger.

How to Make an Endorsement Letter?

When you want to make an endorsement letter, for example, to support your friend in getting a new job, of course, you need to make it carefully. As we have said before, an endorsement letter will be one of the considerations, including in choosing the new employee.

Before starting to write anendorsement letter, make sure that you have enough power to deliver support. Your power will be very crucial since the letter will influence the employer.

Then, you also need to have a well-made format. Substantively, there is no exact format for an endorsement letter. However, when it comes to a formal letter, the format also needs to follow how the formal letter is made.

Write the individual –or product, that you endorse completely. Provide a reason for your endorsement. For an individual, you could write how well you know him or her. In the end, write your contact details.

Tips to Make a Good Endorsement Letter

These are some tips that you need to know about making a good endorsement letter. The basic tips to be known are:

  • Use a good writing style and wording option
  • Be concise and simple
  • Write the detailed endorsement based on facts
  • Apply a friendly writing style

Sample of Endorsement Letter

Dear Mr. Zinchenko

As a member of the Russian Society of Dermatology Surgery, here, I endorse the application of Dr. Thomson for membership into the society.

I have known him for at least 7 years. During that time, I found him to be a great doctor that could handle kinds of dermatology matters. Besides, he also has great records in handling difficult surgery in his career. I am confident that Dr. Thomson will be another power for our society.

Please contact me at (999) 123-9129 when you need my information in supporting this application.



That is all about the endorsement letter that you need to know. Of course, it may come to promote kinds of products to get more markets.


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