4+ Business Letterhead Template Functions and Crucial Role

If you have a business, the business letterhead can be an important part of your operation. Not many people understand its importance and functions. Most people who don’t understand the function would underestimate the letterhead and its function in the business world. In reality, such a thing is important to mark your business existence. Without the letterhead, your business won’t seem to exist or even feel legit.

What Is a Business Letterhead?

When we are talking about an official paper that is utilized to print letters, as well as other documents, for your business, then we are talking about the letterhead. Such a thing is often used to correspondence or communicate with business associates, clients, and even the media. You can say that the letterhead will be part of your company that is seen by many people, groups, and even competitors. It should represent your business (what it is about, how it is run, and how it is managed) as well as your characteristics (and personality) as the owner. If you want to make your business looks professional and credible, such a business letterhead is crucial and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The Important Components

If you aren’t familiar with the business letterhead, you can always check websites and sources for reference. There are tons of examples and also templates to help you with your own creation. So, what are the crucial elements in the letterhead?

  • This is generally related to the business brand and image and it is usually comes from the logo. Keep in mind that logo and image are different so you shouldn’t mix them up. The image is usually placed on the top area of the letterhead – it can be to one side or across the top area. Be sure to use high-quality printer or consult professional printing service so your image can be easily seen.
  • Contact info. This is a crucial element especially if you want potential clients or customers to contact This section should include your business name, website address, office address, email address, and phone number. This info can be included on the bottom of your letterhead or on the top – it is your pick.
  • Be sure to choose a catchy slogan that can connect the company and the saying. Funny and catchy slogan can make your business stand out and it reaches out to the customer more easily. When they see your letterhead and read the slogan, you want them to smile and say, “Ah, that’s cute.”
  • The type and quality of the paper will also determine the kind of image you want to represent to your target market. If you want to look professional, a clean off white or white paper with thick and enough weight should do it. But some businesses are more daring in using colorful and even textured paper. It is definitely up to you to choose which one to use.

In the end, never underestimate the importance of a business letterhead, especially if you want to achieve a successful outcome. Consult examples of business letterhead so you can create a professional look for your business.

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