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Software Engineer Resume That Works for Applying a Job

You may be familiar with codes. However, when applying for a job, the hiring employer will know about your qualifications only from your resume. So, you have to write a software engineer resume as impressive as possible. It is used by the hiring employer to see whether you meet the requirements.

Sample of Software Engineer Resume

The software engineer resume example can be seen below:

Tom Johnson

Software Engineer



Diligent software engineer with 5-year experience in commercial application development. Eager to join JJ Group, Inc. to build innovative & cutting edge business solutions for the clients’ suite within its global reach. In the previous jobs, slashed downtime by 30 percent & ensured 97 percent on-time project completion. Identified & dealt with a significant bottleneck which boosted coding efficiency by 30 percent when resolved.


Software Engineer

Giant, Inc.

May 2017 – present

  • Engineered modern apps with No SQL, SQL Server, JavaScript, and Java.
  • Built innovative micro services & Web Services.
  • Utilized Cloud Foundry for efficient building on top of Cabernets.
  • Deployed & integrated software efficiently engineered by team as well as updated integration or deployment scripts to improve continuous integration practices.
  • Liaised with Product Managers to identify minimum viable product requirements & defined feature sets clearly into well-scoped user stories for team members.

Key Achievements: Maintained maximum uninterrupted business-critical operations flow. Cut downtime by 30 percent & warranty costs by up to 50 percent.

Software Engineering Intern

Colin Tech

September 2016 – April 2017

  • Supported Colin Tech’s testing & engineering process.
  • Confirmed that completed software met requirements.
  • Completed maintenance on existing programs.
  • Work with product team closely on scope of future projects & innovations.
  • Carried out continuous identification, measurement, & process improvement.

Key Achievement: Identified & dealt with a significant process bottleneck which boosted coding efficiency by 40 percent when resolved.


Bachelor of Computer Science

Cornello University

2013 – 2016

  • Focused on full stack engineering with modules on front & back end processes.
  • Built a mock payment system for an Android e-commerce application for a senior year project.


  • Good knowledge of cyber security principles
  • Practical knowledge of database & SQL concepts
  • Status tracking frameworks
  • SQL Server, No SQL, HTML, Java
  • Skills in interpersonal communication
  • Agile frameworks
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability


  • Puppet Labs Puppet Developer Certification
  • Oracle Java Certifications Associate Professional
  • Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop


Spanish (Advanced)

How to Write a Software Engineer Resume

To write a software engineer resume template, here is how:

  1. Firstly, create a header with contact information!
  2. Secondly, make a career objective or summary statement!
  3. Thirdly, include previous work experience that is relevant to the position!
  4. After that, add your relevant skills!
  5. Finally, make additional sections if needed (projects, interests, hobbies, etc)!

How Do You List Software Skills on a Resume?

Listing your skills is very important and vital for your software engineer resume sample template. However, you have to know where to place your skills. First, you can mention them in the skills section. Besides that, you will also need to list your skills in the employment history section.

Is a Software Engineer Hard?

It is not as difficult as many people think. We all know that it is hard. However, if you spend some time learning programming & do it regularly, you will learn everything needed to be a developer. You will also get your first job without a degree in Computer Science.

What Are Basic Software Skills?

  • Accounting software (Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, etc)
  • Communication & collaboration tools (Skype, Slack, etc)
  • Spreadsheets (Spreadsheets, Google, Excel, etc)
  • Presentation software (Keynote & PowerPoint)
  • Office suites (G Suite & Ms. Office)
  • Operating Systems (MacOS & Windows)

Software Engineer Resume with No Work Experience

This resume template is appropriate for anyone who is interested in a software engineering job including those who have no work experience. If you don’t have any work experience and you are just starting your software engineering career, just focus on your education, skills, and other sections!

Software Engineer Resume Template Word

This software engineer resume template Word is designed to be easy to use. So, anyone who needs it can easily use this resume template. Comes in Word format, this resume template can be read and customized easily.

Software Engineer Resume for College

This resume is also appropriate for those who belong to students at colleges. It is always good to get the first job since you are still a college student. If you have never created a resume for a software engineer position, this template will be useful and helpful.

Resume for Software Engineer First Job

Are you looking for your first job in a software engineering job? If you are, this resume is what you need. Looking for the first job is very challenging. So, you have to make your resume stand out. You can follow this resume to make your own resume.

Software Engineer Resume Sample

If you are searching for a sample of a resume for a software engineering position, you are on the right site. Here, you can find a resume sample that can be customized to your own qualifications. So, just feel free to use this resume sample!

Software Engineer Resume Example

In this article, we provide you a resume example. This example is designed for you who are interested in a software engineering job and want to apply for that job. With this resume example, you can create your own resume quickly and effortlessly.

Free Software Engineer Resume Template

The resume template available in this article is not only easy to customize but also free to use. If you need this resume template, just use it anytime you want! You can follow its format and include the needed information based on yours.

A software engineer resume plays a vital role when it comes to applying a job. The hiring manager will look at your resume to know your education, skills, experience, etc. So, he/she can decide to hire you or not after reading your resume. Hopefully, this will help you a lot.




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