17+ Recommendation Letter Template, How to Write an Eligible One

You can always write your own recommendation letter your way, or even start from a scratch, but then again, the recommendation letter template is available all over – so why not making the best use of it? It is so easy to remain idealist and stick to your thoughts. But then again, the template will make everything easier. Instead of you having to spend hours, digging into the skull of your heads, isn’t it better if you can use the template and be done in the next half hour, max?


The Concept of Recommendation Letter

When you are applying for a new job or going further with your education, the letter of recommendation is often needed – even required. It is not uncommon for educational institutions or new companies to request the candidates to include the recommendation letter in their applications. The recommendation letters can be two or three (from different sources, naturally) and be submitted together with the cover letter and resume.

It is important that the person writing the letter has a completely and thoroughly positive expectation (or feeling) towards the person being recommended. In the event that someone asks you to write a letter for him/her but you don’t have a strong positive feeling for that person, it is better to turn it down. It is better not to write such a letter at all than to write something not certain or lukewarm – believe me, any professional reader would be able to see it. And when we are talking about the screening committee, they would definitely choose the professional and the expert in such a thing.

Knowing the Difference

It is also important to note that there are different kinds of recommendation letters for different purposes although the structure may be the same. If you see the recommendation letter template, you should see that the recommendation letter for a new job will be different from the one for enrolling in a study. Or a recommendation letter for a senior position is different from the one delivered to someone whose position is lower than you.

How to Write the Letter

You should be able to see the important elements of recommendation letter template when you see one. The letter should contain:

  • The date
  • The person writing the letter (name, address, title or position)
  • The person to whom the letter is intended (name, address, title or position)
  • Salutation or greeting
  • First paragraph should consist the reason why you recommend he person, including the name of the recommended person
  • The second and third paragraph should include positive recommendations of the person, their achievement, and their positive traits.
  • The final paragraph should consist the positive statement of why you believe that the recommended person is worthy of the chance. If you want to offer the reader a chance to contact you regarding the recommended individual, you can include it in this paragraph
  • Greeting
  • Signature, followed by your name

When you are writing the recommendation letter, be ready to share your contact information. It is aimed to allow the reader to easily contact you in the times of need. If you aren’t ready to share your contact info, then you shouldn’t write the letter at all. If this is the case, you won’t need to consult the recommendation letter template at all.

Download Template

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