6+ The Ultimate Guide to Write a Proposal with Business Proposal Template

Business proposal template will help you to create the proposal without dealing with the hassle. Even though it can be a bit tricky, these easy steps from us will help you to conquer it.


What is a business proposal?

A business proposal is more than a business plan. It is a request by an individual or business to finish a certain project or job, to provide a service, or sometimes to be the vendor or a sponsor of a certain product. On the other hand, a business proposal will be used for attracting and acquiring a business. It is your business pitch.

A supplier, client, or vendor may request this type of document to evaluate your business before starting to work together with. A deal mostly depends on the business proposal because no matter how excellent your service is, you may lose out if your proposal is pretty poor.

What is included in a business proposal?

In case you are not sure about the information needed to include in a business proposal, you can download the template on our website. But first of all, make sure you know the purpose of your proposal by figuring out the goal you want to achieve. The format or template will depend on your goal after all.

In general, a business proposal is encompassed of three parts: the problem statement, the proposed solution, and the estimated pricing option. However, the pricing estimate is not a must because this part is rather informal. The pricing estimate is basically optional.

How to make a business proposal

Do not forget to create the table of content after the cover. After that, you need to create the executive summary that summarizes the product, service, and business you will provide. You can use this part as the value proposition.

The next part is the problem statement. You can discuss the problem or issue faced by your client in a loose way. This part is also where you can show your client that you understand their issue. Pitching your business does not mean that you can neglect to be understanding about their needs.

After that, you can propose your solution. Make sure you state it very clearly and do not forget to include your qualification, methodology, and a progress schedule. This part is also where you can tell your client about the period you offer to solve their problems.

The last part can be used for showing the pricing estimate. Again, this part is optional and you may state the payment, schedule, and also the cost. Legal requirements must be included. Keep in mind that you should show your client-to-be why choosing you is the best decision.

The guidelines of a business proposal template

You need to collect all the pieces of information needed to make a proposal. You also need to make the outline of the project scope. It is important to keep in mind about the 5W1H. Since you are going to face the prospective client, make sure that you use the right tone after all. Get the business proposal template from our website for free.

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