10+ How to Use the YouTube Channel Art Template

Channel art template is the simplest way to create the channel art on your YouTube account. People will enhance this part in their best way so they can brand their channel since most people use social media to create an image. When it comes to YouTube, your followers might be there to watch your content. But when you put the best channel art, it gives a huge difference for sure.


What is YouTube channel art?

Some people also call it a cover. This is basically the first thing that will be seen by everyone who visits your YouTube page. When you sell something or create a certain image of yourself, this huge banner that stretches all around the entire page virtually will instantly show what you are up to. This area is definitely a perfect spot for branding.

But, how would we do to make a design for your channel art? You can just choose a picture from your laptop or PC but if you want to brand yourself through the YouTube channel, you must create a great picture. According to studies, the right picture could do wonders when it comes to branding.

How channel art helps to brand

Besides giving a brand consistency, your followers and prospective clients will know that this thing is your brand when the logo appears on the cover or channel art. It proposes positive yet measurable results for your efforts in marketing.

According to studies, human absorbs visual content much better than when they get a verbal stimulus. So, presenting visual contents to people will be the great idea when it comes to branding. This is also a good reason for you to create an image that could be the communication tool for your followers and prospective clients.

About the sizing

Without the right sizing, your design effort will be gone just like the ash. Basically, the channel art does not give the same display across all gadgets. On the other hand, the image you create for the desktop view may not fit well when you view it on your phone. Meanwhile, more and more people access the web through their phone.

There are certain rules about the size of the banner or channel art. You can read the terms and conditions on YouTube right away. However, we recommend you to use the sample or template to make the process becomes less hassle.

Designing the channel art for better impact

If you want to brand your business or yourself through the internet, make sure that it does not clutter that much and it does the same way when it comes to the channel art. You must make sure that your followers will not get the mixed signals or messages from your banner. Other than that, you may see the middle part of the area. No matter what you will put on the channel art, the middle area should be clear and straight to the point. And if you want to make it simpler, you may try the channel art template from our website.

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