6+ Obituary Template to Remember the Loved Ones

If someone you love dearly has just passed, you may want to check into some options of obituary template that can be used to commemorate him/her. Although a lot of people believed that obituary is the written notice on the newspaper, it’s not always the case. You can have your own obituary when remembering someone, especially when having a wake or a memorial. An obituary can help you remember the passing dearly and help the ones left behind feeling stronger.

Obituary vs Death Notice

Although some people say that obituary is a type of a death notice, there is an actual and real death notice. Both death notice and obituary are almost similar but there are some basic differences that make them completely different. In the publishing and printing world, like the newspaper especially, these two terms are completely different.

Obituary refers to the article written by a staff containing detailed bio of the deceased. A death notice, on the other hand, is a paid notice (usually in the newspaper) containing the name of the deceased as well as the details of the memorial service or funeral. You can say that the death notice is similar to the classified ads with minor biography details. The obituary is more like an editorial article containing the detailed biography of the deceased while announcing the death at the same time. The obituary may be published not only the newspaper (but it only applies when the person is pretty prominent or well known) but also newsletters and publications. Knowing the obituary template can help to compose the writing.

How to Compose the Obituary

When you want to compose an obituary, there are some important elements to include. If you check the obituary template, the elements are:

  • Death announcement. The obituary should start with the name, place of residence, and age, including the place and time of death. Instead of saying the one is dead or died, flowery phrases are often included, like ‘passed away’ or ‘to be with his Lord now’. Depending on the family’s preference, the cause can be included. But if you don’t want to include it, it won’t be a problem.
  • Biographical sketch. The key word is ‘sketch’ meaning that it isn’t a complete biography but it should include some of the important contributions, qualities, or events. It can be the deceased’s education, military service, marriage, and such thing alike.
  • Family. Don’t forget to mention the loved ones that are considered important in the deceased’s life. Survivors and loved ones should not be forgotten.
  • Service times. If you are planning a service time, don’t forget to include the details of it, such as the full date, time, and place of burial.
  • Special messages. It is common to include special messages by the end of the obituary. A short prayer or a special line from the deceased’s favorite poem can be included too.
  • Photos. It isn’t an obligation to include the photos but if you decide to have them, they can be a great reminder of the deceased.

Those are some of the basic elements of proper obituary template that you can follow.

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