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Professional Graphic Designer Resume to Get a New Position

Becoming a professional graphic designer becomes the dream of every individual that has a high interest in design. Of course, this position is great to continue their career. However, to get their dreamed position, they need to write a professional graphic designer resume first.

Yes, a resume is an important document to be prepared during the recruitment process since it shows detailed personal information. By a clear resume, of course, the recruiter will know the characteristic of the candidate.

Here, we will talk to you about some matters of the resume for a professional graphic designer including the ways to make it. For those who are curious please read the following writing wholly.

Sample of Professional Graphic Designer Resume

Alan Pardew

St. Louis, Madrid | (555) 1818-983 | alan.pardew@email.com

Professional Summary

Highly creative and multi-talented graphic designer. Has more than 15 years of experience in the different kinds of media and graphic design


  • Marketing of social media
  • Professional self-motivated
  • Artistic and creative
  • Time management
  • Conceptual thinker
  • Strong sense of design
  • Advance knowledge of typography
  • Corporate design

Work Experience

International Graphic, Graphic Designer

June 2014 to current

  • Handle base knowledge of the operation for print press
  • Work with the different vendor in the industry of print
  • Work closely with the different clients
  • Create visual and print materials for a broad range of customers, including the logos, business card, banner, and others

Dean Art, Owner

May 2011 – June 2014

  • Coordinate and facilitate the whole meeting with the international clients
  • Organize and maintain the shipping and inventory
  • Develop the design concept using the graphic design
  • Create the different artworks from the concept to completion
  • Manage and maintain some social media and websites for promotion


Bachelor Degree of Art – Design and Visual Communication Studies

The State University of Madrid, 2001


Expert knowledge for some different software programs, as

  • Flash
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Corel application
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Creative Suite

How to Make a Professional Graphic Designer Resume

To make a good graphic designer resume, there are some steps to be followed. By following these steps, creating a professional resume will be easier to be done.

The ways to make a professional resume of a graphic designer are:

  • Choose the right format for the graphic designer resume
  • Add the contact information
  • Add the personal information
  • Start with an interesting heading
  • Write the relevant work experience
  • Highlight the last education
  • Put relevant skills with the job
  • Include another important information to support the resume

What are the top skills that a graphic designer needs to have?

A professional graphic designer needs to have some special skills. The skills that they need to have and written inside a good graphic designer resume are:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Good oral and writing communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Strong work ethic
  • Collaboration and teamwork

Is a design of a resume important to be applied?

A resume is not only about the detailed information but also its appearance. When you make a professional resume with an interesting view, of course, the recruiter will be more interested in it.

That is why a design is important to be considered during writing the whole resume. Choose the right design that could increase the art of your resume.

What mistakes to be avoided during writing the resume?

There are some mistakes to be avoided in writing a professional graphic designer resume, such as:

  • Including obvious skills
  • A too-long sentence in telling kinds of information
  • Bolding wrong information
  • Letting inconsistent slip
  • Problem in grammar

Kinds of Professional Graphic Designer Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional graphic designer resume, using a template is a nice option. Here, we have some templates that could help you to make a resume easier.

Modern Graphic Designer Resume Template

The modern graphic designer resume template is an interesting reference to be followed. It can be said as an up-to-date idea for those who want to write a professional resume to be a new graphic designer. With this template, writing a resume will be easier to be done.

Professional Graphic Designer Resume Template

Becoming a professional graphic designer will be a new challenge in continuing the career. Of course, you need to face some processes during the recruitment. This template could be a medium to write your personality.

Senior Graphic Designer Resume Template

When you want to be a senior graphic designer because of your experience, here this template can be a good reference for you. This template shows the clear arrangement about what to be written inside a resume, so you could be qualified.

Freelance Graphic Designer Resume Template

Do you want to be a freelance graphic designer to get some freedom in your job? Well, this template can be a helper for you. It is a clear and simple template to share your personal information and skills.

Junior Graphic Designer Resume Template

This simple graphic designer resume can be a helper for those who want to be a new graphic designer. This template is very easy to be followed and it is also clear. However, you need to write clear personal information inside this resume.

Entry-Level Graphic Designer Resume Template

For those who want to join the company as a graphic designer for the first time, this template can be the best helper to be applied. It is a simple template to follow with a clear arrangement of information. Just follow the point to make your professional paper.

No Experience Graphic Designer Resume Template

Having no experience is not a problem to be a graphic design. Here, to join with the management, you may use this template in writing your professional resume. By using this template, of course, you could highlight some capabilities to get the attention of the recruiter.

That is all about the graphic designer resume that you need to know. Just choose the right template to ease you in writing it. Besides, before printing the resume, make sure that you proofread the whole resume to minimize the typo and mistakes.



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