Collection Specialist Cover Letter and Sample

How is a collection specialist’s job like? A collection specialist works to manage the customers’ overdue payments by informing them about their violations. As a collection specialist, you also have to process the customers’ remittances. If you want to be a collection specialist, make sure you write a proper collection specialist cover letter. For further discussion, you may take a look at our discussion below.


What are the responsibilities of a collection specialist?

Before applying for the position, you should understand the things that a collection specialist does. So, you will have some depictions of how is the job. Here are some responsibilities that you have to do if you are a collection specialist.

· Keep track of customers’ accounts everyday

· Coordinate with sales department about the customers’ accounts

· Recognize accounts that have late payments

· Contact the debtors to tell them about their late payments

· Advocate debtors to pay on time

· Process customers’ payments and refunds

· Maintain the update of customers’ accounts

What skills are needed to be a collection specialist?

After knowing the responsibilities, there are also some abilities that you need to possess if you are a collection specialist. We have summarized it for you as follows.

· Excellent communication: As a collection specialist, you will work directly with the customers. Thus, it is important to know how to reply politely, respectfully, and professionally.

· Proper computer literacy: Since you have to keep track of customers’ accounts and process their payments and refunds, you must possess a proper computer literacy skill. You will need to operate some software to make your work faster.

· Critical thinking: Administering collections requires you to be a critical thinker. There will be some problems that come up and you must solve them quickly.

· Negotiation: Being a collection specialist makes you must deal with payment plans. Therefore, you should be able to negotiate effectively and make the treaty beneficial for both customers and debtors.

What should I do to become a collection specialist?

There are some steps that you have to fulfill before sending your collection specialist cover letter.Here are they.

· Finish your high school diploma

· Improve your communication skills through call center experience

· Improve your computer skills, especially operating Microsoft Office programs

· Create an attractive resume that highlights your skills and job experience

Collection Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Perhaps it is your first time applying for a collection specialist position, probably you are confused. The following letter is an example that we provide for you.

Dear Ms. Patricia,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Collection Specialist position in Beautiful Ocean Inc as published in the New Orleans Post.

I possess a degree in Management from the University of National Southampton. I have some abilities to manage payments effectively. Besides, I also have been familiar with finance software and able to operate Microsoft Office programs that will be useful for keeping track of customers’ accounts. I am going to ensure that the information of payments will be updated successfully by using that software and programs.

I am sure that my personality will suit this position. I have excellent communication skills to interact with the debtors regarding their late payments and assist customers to find out their bills. Besides, I also have effective negotiation skills which will be crucial in dealing with payment plans. I can be a tender-hearted and easy-going person while doing my job.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime for further discussion at (555)-333-9999 or email me at I wait for your response.


Warm regards,



Andreana Jenny


That is all about the short summary of writing a collection specialistcover letter. Hopefully, it will give you inspiration.



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