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Civil Engineer Resume to land the job easily 

If you want to land a job as a civil engineer, you need to pay attention to the civil engineer resume. The resume will be useful because it has full of information about you to sell your qualities and capabilities for the employer that you are the best candidate to fulfill for the job.

Because of that, you need to pay attention to some ideas that will make your civil engineer resume idea impressive. To make this resume impressive, you also can follow the sample that will lead you to make this template interesting to read.

The example of a civil engineer resume

To help you writing this resume, you can read the following example that will make your template impressive to read. Here is an example of the resume.

Mark Twain

Personal info

Phone: (555)-992-8892

Email: twainmark52@gmail.com


A registered member of ICE and CIOB and a civil engineer with 5+ years of experience. Capable to work independently with minimum supervision and committed to providing high-quality service to every project with a focus on health, safety, and environmental issues.


Civil engineer

STR Construction, New York/ September 218 – present

  • Supervise 18 project employees, including in-house, external contractors, and sub-contractors
  • Present meeting and discuss project details with clients, contractors, asset owners, and stakeholders
  • Trained three new employees in a supervisory capacity to take over similar projects and aid company expansion
  • Do drafting according to specifications to ensure compliance with all project QA procedures and requirement

Surveyor technician

TXR builder Inc., New York/ August 2016 – January 2018

  • Performed column plumbing and shimming on top of steel elevations and dig permits
  • Complete job Hazard assessment to identify any hazards related to job tasks to identify any hazard related to job tasks and applied safety mitigation techniques to lower risks
  • Received several safety awards for attention and adherence to all safety procedures, resulting in an ongoing record of zero OSHA recordable accident
  • Wrote weekly quantity reports for soil volumes to progress and invoice clientele


B.S. Civil Engineer

University of California

A.A. Architecture

University of United Kingdom

Key Skills 

  • S- Frame
  • Storm CAD
  • Culvert Master
  • Sewer CAD
  • Trigonometry
  • Flow Master

How to create a civil engineer resume idea

To make this resume impressive, you need to pay attention to the following idea. The civil engineer resume design will make your template impressive to read. Here are some of the ways to arrange the resume.

  • You can begin your resume proper format by attention to detail
  • You also need to make the resume into chronological layout because it will break ground your most recent experience
  • Write a civil engineer resume summary or objective and you need to make a resume objective and shows passion when you lack experience
  • Describe your civil engineering experience

How do I write a civil engineer resume?

You can make your civil engineer resume format easy to read if you understand the aims of this resume. You can follow some ideas below that will make your template impressive to read. Here are some ideas that will make your resume impressive to read.

1) You can begin your resume with the job offer and you also need to highlight what it is asking for

2) You also need to pick your bullet points carefully. Most of this resume will show desired skill in the use

3) You also can put other section in this resume to show that you are more than just a piece of paper

What are the skills of a civil engineer?

To ensure the recipient about your qualities, you also need to show your skills on the resume. Gaining this purpose, you need to show your skills that are relevant in this job position. Here are some of the skills to put on your template.

1) Sound mathematical, scientific, and IT skills

2) The ability to think methodically and to manage projects

3) Problem-solving skills

4) Ability to work to deadlines and within budget

5) Capable to maintain an overview of entire projects when continuing to attend to detailed technicalities

Kinds of a civil engineer resume

You will find many types of civil engineer resume format designs that will lead you to make the proper template. This resume will be suitable for your job position so that you will get a satisfactory resume without any difficulties.

Entry-level civil engineer resume

This resume is a very basic and simple resume that will begin with a career objective and proceed to your educational qualification and degree. Since it is for the beginner, you need to write about the important professional project to amaze the recipient as well.

Junior civil engineer resume template 

If you want to be a junior civil engineer, this resume will begin with the educational qualification and it also will mention the relevant skills so that this resume will be impressive to read. Therefore, you need to pay attention to detail to make this resume impressive.

Experienced civil engineer resume

If you want to get a detailed resume format, this idea will be your choice. The resume offers you a huge space to write elaborately about your personal summary. The resume also will be followed by the work experience relevant to the key skills and competencies.

Professional civil engineer resume

Since this resume is a professional resume, you need to show everything relevant to this job position. You need to elaborate resume and you also can note in detail your key skills, education, and professional experience.

QC civil engineer resume in Word 

This resume is interesting because it looks simple, neat, and organized. The resume begins with a career objective and it will go into detail about the prospective designation, skill, employment records as well as a job description.

In other words, you should not worry if you want to arrange this resume because you will find many types and the way to arrange the template. you also need to pay attention to the detailed ideas on this civil engineer resume to make the people impressed to read the resume as well.

Civil Engineer Resume Sample

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