Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example, Job Description And Duties

A dental assistant must provide care to patients. As an assistant, the main task of the position is to assist dentists in carrying out dental, gum, and oral care. Having a formal education background in the health sector is one of the important points that you must have before applying for a position as a dental assistant. If you do have the qualifications that meet the requirements, now is the time for you to write an outstanding cover letter. In this article, we are going to talk about the job description and dental assistant cover letter example.

What Does A Dental Assistant Do?

There are several responsibilities that you must fulfill to become a dental assistant. Some of them are as follows:

What Are The Qualifications To Be A Dental Assistant?

As with any other job, there are several qualifications that you must have if you want to become a dental assistant. You must have a license as a registered dental assistant, have experience in the field of dental health for at least 1 or 2 years, have good communication and interpersonal skills, be professional, friendly, always positive, and able to follow the policies given.

If you feel that you have all these qualifications properly, then you will likely be accepted as a dental assistant. Optimism and self-confidence are also needed so that you always think positive. Now, let’s start by writing the proper cover letter, here we have a practice dental assistant cover letter example for your inspiration.

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

To make a good and appropriate letter, you can pay attention to our sample below:

Dear Human Resources Director:

My name is Victoria Judith, I am a fresh graduate from ABC University with a degree in Dental Assisting. I would like to express my interest in applying for a position as a dental assistant in your practice. I also believe that my qualifications meet the requirements you are looking for.

While at university, I was active in various areas of campus health, joining Red Cross organizations on or off-campus. I also had an internship to become a dental assistant of Dr. Patricia Parker. I have also obtained the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) title.

During my internship at Dr. Parker, I have gained a lot of valuable experiences including dealing with various patient complaints, taking x-rays, and treating patients from childhood to old people. Besides, I also have expertise in taking care of administrative tasks, such as answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and answering a few questions. I attach the recommendation letter from Dr. Parker along with this document.

I hope to be able to join as your dental assistant, I hope you are willing to consider me. Please contact me at (777)-7722-222 or by my email at



Victoria Judith

Enclosure: –  Resume

  • Recommendation Letter

By paying attention to our simple dental assistant cover letter example above, you might get inspired to write your letter. Hope the sample and explanation also can help you a lot.



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