Otstanding Secretary Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Being a receptionist especially a secretary receptionist is considered a great job. It is not as glamorous as you may see on TV, but it is quite promising and you may love it for being a secretary receptionist. When you feel you are a best-suit for a vacancy for a secretary receptionist, you should do research about the job prior to write the secretary receptionist cover letter and apply for the job. You may want to consider the following information before you make up your mind to apply for the secretary receptionist position.

What are the Responsibilities and Duties of Secretary Receptionist?

Being a secretary receptionist means you have to assists the employer’s job. For you who wonder what are the duties are required to be a secretary or receptionist, the following things should be useful for you.

  • Notify another employees’ arrival
  • Direct guests and answering questions
  • Greet and welcome guest and provide a positive first impression
  • Providing visitor guest badges
  • Following procedures, and logbooks to keep the office secure
  • Comply to the procedures, rules, policy, and regulations relating to the job and workplace
  • Answer telephone and provide information via telephone
  • Provide administrative and clerical support
  • Prepare letters and documents
  • Receive and sort received letter and packages
  • Schedule meeting plus maintain the meeting calendar
  • Schedule travel
  • Order office supplies
  • Manage digital and hard-copy files

Ensure some responsibilities mentioned above is something that you are eligible to you. After that, you may continue to write your secretary receptionist cover letter by including several items enlisted below to apply for the job and get it easier.

Things to Include in Your Secretary Receptionist Cover Letter

To pave your way to the interview smoothly, you may need to consider putting these things in your resume and cover letter. The following things are the most-required capabilities for the secretary receptionist position in a company. First is the qualification, make sure it is suitable with the requirement. The second is related skills and capabilities. Include them briefly and concisely within your cover letter. Last is contact detail. It is used by the employer to follow up on your application.

Below the example of the secretary receptionist cover letter,  you may reuse.

Dear Mr. Westwood Wellington,

I write this letter to take the chance to convey my interest in the UVW Company’s Secretary Receptionist position vacancy.

I have great interpersonal skills which aid me to be the best-suited match for the position. I have ever become an intern at STU company assisting the receptionist tasks assigned by the STU company for a year. I learned much, that currently, I am able to practice proper etiquette for communicating via telephone and how to demonstrate best customer service. Besides, my robust communication skill and ability to multi-task is making me confident that I am the perfect suit for the openings.

My experience including managing mini-reports and accounts, filing, scheduling meetings, scheduling travels, preparing documents, and ordering office supplies. While serving as an intern, I attain the required degree in English which is required for this position.

I am skilled enough in Microsoft office usage, internet applications, also data entry. I am very familiar with the technology used in the industry of hospitality where UVW company is dealing with.

The enclosed resume comprises a complete look at my background, experience, education, and skills relevant to the position. You may contact me at (888)8888888. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon to discuss the details in person.



Janetta Doe

Enclosure: Resume



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