Assistant Teacher Cover Letter and Things You Should Not Include to Make It Better

The competition for being an educator alone is fierce. Educators, like teacher or lecturer, sometimes, have to do a lot of things that make the presence of an assistant teacher is a must. The assistant teacher alone is a promising job to add-up your experience especially for those who want to be a teacher. Your assistant teacher journey started from when you write your assistant teacher cover letter for the teacher who opens for an assistant. Below the responsibilities of the assistant teacher,  you should recognize.

Assistant Teacher Responsibilities

Actually, the responsibilities of the assistant teacher are different for each school. However, the general responsibilities may cover:

  • Prepare the classroom for lessons
  • Assist the learners who need support to complete tasks
  • Assist the teacher to plan learning activities
  • Help the teacher complete any records
  • Provide support for the teacher in managing class
  • Supervise activities done in a group
  • Clear materials and equipment after lessons
  • Do the administrative tasks

After comprehending the assistant teacher responsibilities, if you want to apply as the assistant teacher, you should write an assistant teacher cover letter. Ensure you exclude the following things to make your cover letter better and maximize your opportunity to be given an interview.

Things You Should Exclude from your Assistant Teacher Cover Letter


  • Grammar and spelling error
  • Mistype or error in the writing company name or contact person
  • Telling lies or anything that is not true or happened to you
  • The expectationof your salary
  • Lengthy paragraphs
  • Negative comments about a current or past employer
  • Personal information
  • The informationwhich is not related to the job position
  • Any presumption that the current position is used as a stepping stone
  • Qualifications you do not possess

Once you have certified the abovementioned things are eliminated in your cover letter, you are good to go. You can write your assistant teacher cover letter to apply for the position of an assistant teacher. Below a sample of it that you can learn to write your own.

Dear Dean Howard,

I am writing to express my interest in the assistant teacher position in the English Teacher Training at MNO University. As you may know, recently, I graduated with honor from MNO University in English major. I am willing to enlarge my experience and serve as Assistant Teacher in English Teacher Training Department.

Having the undergraduate program in English made me very familiar with the responsibilities of assistant teacher in the English Teacher Training Department. I have been read the course textbooks and materials and having exquisite capabilities to do several assistant teacher’s tasks. I can convey that I would do a tremendous job of assisting the professor during the lesson time, supervise discussions, and record any grade from the assignments and exams.

I am proficient enough in all areas of Microsoft Office use and would do the very best job of assisting the professor to prepare the lesson for a class. Moreover, I am able to operate any visual and audio instruments in the English Teacher Training Department.

It would become an honor for me to work as an assistant teacher in the English Teacher Training Department at MNO University. My resume and supportive documents are enclosed along with the letter. I also available for an interview any time at your convenience and is able to be contacted by phone at (333)33333333 or by email at



Troy Timberlake




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