12+ Cool Computer Backgrounds Template for Your Personalized Look

Some cool computer backgrounds can really help you improve your working productivity and creativity, depending on your preference. Although computer backgrounds or wallpapers can be entertaining and soothing, some of the backgrounds are designed with improved functionality and usages. They aren’t only appealing to the visual but they are also handy and functional.

Functions of Computer Backgrounds

In this modern era, your computer is like your personal diary. It is basically the extension of your arms and hands, able to help you manage things. When you want to personalize your computer, making it only unique and different for your needs, you need to choose the right images and pictures that are able to represent yourself.

Cool computer backgrounds are only a part of various computer wallpapers types and variants. Some backgrounds are entertaining and funny, while some are adorable and cute. Some backgrounds have a real backgrounds and images of real places all over the world, giving you a feel as if you have been to those places – simply by having them as your background.

In general, here are some benefits of having the computer backgrounds:

  • It personalizes your computer – making it look different from the others. After all, different computer owners have their own different likes and preferences.
  • The background will add colors and visual appeal to your computer. Without the backgrounds, your computer will be boring, plain, and bland. But with the backgrounds, it somewhat adds colors, patterns, and looks.
  • Some of today’s backgrounds aren’t only pretty and beautiful but also functional. A real-time calendar background, for instance, can help you show the date so you won’t have to add another calendar on your desk. There are also backgrounds with checklist or schedule lines which you can fill in so you know your to-do lists. That’s what I call cool computer backgrounds!

Different Types of Computer Backgrounds

When we are talking about computer backgrounds, the options and the variants are quite limitless. There are some options:

  • There are animal backgrounds – sometimes they are cute, sometimes they are adorable, and sometimes they are real. A friend of mine has this running cheetah background in her desktop and it is awesome to see a real cheetah running across your computer
  • There are baby backgrounds. If you like babies so much, this kind of background will be the best option for you. Do you like twins or triplets? Do you like moving backgrounds where the babies are moving, talking, or even dancing? Trust me, having these kinds of backgrounds is super enjoyable and fun!
  • There are space and universe backgrounds. If you like stargazing, you may like some starry images on your computer. Whether it is a star or a universe, such a background can be soothing and entertaining.
  • There are anime backgrounds. Cartoons and anime are quite popular. You can have your own collections and change the backgrounds once every week. It would be fun!

As it was mentioned before, the options for computer backgrounds can be limitless. It would be best if you are looking for reliable sources for your cool computer backgrounds.

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