A Full Guide in Writing an Immediate Resignation Letter and its Sample

There is a situation that requires an employee to quit the job immediately. Although it looks unprofessional to some people, that kind of thing does happen to few of us. The reasons can be many like the health reason or offer from other job. No matter how immediate an individual need to quit the job, it will be better if s/he sends an immediate resignation letter to the employer and handles all the responsibilities that needs to be finished. Here, you will read the sample of how the resignation letter for immediate quit is written as well as other related information.

Does it Work for an Employee to Resign Immediately?

As the self-explanatory name, immediate resignation is different from common resign where the employee needs to give at least two-weeks’ notice. However, when this situation cannot be avoided, the well-thought-out immediate resignation letterhas to be written to explain the situation to the employer.

Tips in Writing an Immediate Resignation Letter

In writing a well-thought-out immediate resignation letter, an employee has to make several drafts before sending the final letter. Good thing is here are some tips that everyone can try in writing a letter for immediate resignation. First, explain the reason of the leaving. It does not have to be detail, but it will be much appreciated if you do so. Second, write the resignation letter in a professional and formal tone. Show your gratitude for joining the company before leaving. Third, offer your assistance in handling the work transition or if it is not possible make sure you have transferred your workload to other employee, with a notice for them beforehand.

Sample of Immediate Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

Please accept this letter as my immediate resignation letter as I will be terminating the contract with the company. My last effective day will be three days later, October 15, 2014. I realize I do not give prior notice but because of my personal reason, I need to terminate the contract in near future. During the last days of my working, I will work as usual and finish my responsibilities. I would make sure that I leave no room for unfinished work so that I would not burden other employees.

I am very proud to join XYZ Company for three years and I have gained valuable experience as a sales assistant manager. I started from the bottom until where I am right now and it is all because of the support I have been receiving from the manager, employees, and everyone in this office. I will surely miss the atmosphere of working here.

Regarding the last project I am involved in, I would finish my job before sending the report to the project leader and provide the video presentation of my report if it is needed. If there is any further questions, feel free to contact me qt 234-556-789. Thank you for the cooperation and understanding of my situation. I wish the best for XYZ Company in the future.



Charlie Pean

The immediate resignation letter above does not mention the main reason why he terminates the contract and that is okay. We hope this article helps you in getting more knowledge about this kind of resignation letter.


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