10+ Graduation Invitation Template in Photoshop Free Download


The Best Tips to Design a Graduation Invitation Template

Graduation is the most important and acceptable time in a person’s life event because graduation symbolizes the end of a difficult journey but they can achieve it. At graduation, we usually invite people who are important in our lives or people who have contributed to our lives. Therefore a unique graduation invitation template design is needed so that people are also interested in your graduation.

Practice ways to get and make graduation invitation templates

If you have a smartphone, of course, this is not a big problem and makes a burden. You can create your own graduation invitation design as you wish. No need to think about the costs to be incurred, because with a smartphone you can get convenience.

Enough armed with applications that you can download on Google Playstore, you can design your own graduation invitation. You will also be facilitated by creating your own invitation because it can be sent to distant relatives and friends in just seconds.

Tips on designing a graduation invitation template


When planning a graduation invitation, try to determine the theme first. Because there are a lot of unique and interesting invitation themes. Without the right concept, as unique and attractive as any invitation card will be useless. Therefore, finalize the concept according to the theme so it is in line with the event that will be held later.


Now is the time to choose letters. Choose fonts that are easy to read. To give an interesting impression, you can choose variations of letters that look rather difficult to read but are actually easy to read. Choose a simple and display a clean impression so that prospective guests more easily read the information contained in the graduation invitation template.

Shape and Size

Many people wrongly determine the size of the invitation that makes the result too big or even too small. Generally, the average size of an invitation is 20cm x 15cm. If you want to make different sizes, of course, you can, but make sure that the size and shape are right.

In fact, we can change its shape too. Are invitations in the form of circles, half-circles, triangles, or other invitation forms. Everything is free.

Invitation color

the color of the invitation should also be adjusted to the theme of the wedding. We will usually be asked to determine the dominant color at the graduation ceremony.

Elegant colors are usually white, ivory, cream, combined with silver, gold, or even glossy black fonts. Just make sure the basic color of the invitation matches the color of the theme, and it doesn’t match the font, because it can make the invitation hard to read.

Invitation layout

The last thing to note in the invitation design is to make the invitation not too full. Enter important reminders at graduation events such as time, place, date, the arrangement of events, and others. The rest is not too important to be in the invitation. In essence, don’t make the invitation look crowded and full of mess.

Well, be ready to make your own graduation invitation template!

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