20+ Friendly Letter Format Template for Beginners

You probably want to know the right friendly letter format although there is no strict rule about you are supposed to compose the letter. You should know that there are different kinds of letters and friendly letter is one of them. Although letters are often considered a part of the formal written document, there is nothing formal about the letter. If you want to learn more about this kind of letter, read on.

Friendly Letter Concept

Have you ever written a letter to a friend? If you have, then you know that such a letter doesn’t have any specific regulation or rule about how to write it properly, right? So, what’s the point of a friendly letter, anyway? Well, it is a type of letter hat you send to your friend or to someone that you are friendly with. It can be a business associate or a colleague, but the topic shouldn’t be about business. When you have a business proposition or a business offer, then it is no longer a friendly letter.

Why do you send letters to your friend? Mainly to talk or share news, right? Let’s say that you are writing a letter to your pen friend abroad and each of you are exchanging stories and news about your way of life, every activity, and such thing alike. The purpose of the friendly letter is to casually share stories – getting to know each other. It shouldn’t contain any business purposes, political goal, or such thing alike. If you are consulting the source for the friendly letter format, you should know that there is nothing rigid, solid, or strict about the letter


Parts of Friendly Letter Format

When you want to write the friendly letter, there are 5 elements that should be included in the letter:

  • The heading includes the sender address (which should be located on the center top part of the page or on the right corner area) and the date (which should be located under the address but on the left side area). Don’t forget to skip a line between the date and the greeting.
  • Greeting or salutation. Don’t forget to include this part, no matter how simple it may seem. A salutation shows respect and it is a part of the courteous gesture. It generally starts with Hello, Hi, or Dear [name]
  • In the friendly letter format, the body contains the message or the information you want to share. To make the letter look neater, the message is generally written in the form of paragraphs.
  • The closing contains of gratitude or respect gesture. You can say Thank You, Sincerely, Sincerely Yours, Yours Faithfully, Regards, and such thing alike.
  • After the closing, you should sign your name. Use black ink, preferably although it is quite alright to use blue ink if you don’t have black.


These are the basic structures and constructions on how the letter is composed and written. It is super casual so you don’t need to be overly confused about it. Hopefully, this friendly letter format can help.

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