Things to Know When Writing A Sales Letter

As a sales, you need to conduct a product promotion to your customers. This aims to persuade them to buy or use the product and service that your company sells. Promotion can be conducted directly and indirectly. Direct promotion is when the salesperson promotes the products without media, such as house-to-house selling. Meanwhile, indirect promotion can be done by mailing the customers with a sales letter. This letter functions as a business tool to promote the company productand sent with the brochures. To know more about this letter, check the following explanation.


What are the purposes of writing the letter?

The main purpose of writing a product letter is to convince the readers to buy the company product or service. As it is a persuasive letter, the letter should be written convincingly. The product or service offered needs to be appealing to the readers. The letter also should describe what benefits that the readers can get by purchasing the product or service.

What are some types of sales letter?

There are several types of sales letter that is usually written based on the needs. The first is an introductory product promotion letter which function is to introduce a product or service to the customers. Usually, this kind of letter will offer a trial period to attract new customers. The next business letter that a salesperson can use in marketing is a product update letter. The aim of a product update letter is to announce the new products to the existing customers. It also compares some benefits that the customers can get in the new products rather than the old versions. The last type ofproduct promotion letter is selling incentive letter. This letter usually recommends the existing products with some degree of enjoyment for the customers, such as offering a product bonus, a discount, a competition prize, and many others in a limited time.

How should I write a product promotion letter?

Writing a product promotion letter is a bit tricky. You need to write a letter that can grab your customers’ attention. This letter also should be easy to read and understand. Therefore, the first thing to write in the letter is your customer’s name to make them feel noticed. After that, make a short intro with a question. Ask your customer about a certain problem. If they say ‘yes’ while they read the letter, there is a possibility that they will be attracted to your products. Then, promote your product and mention that you include the brochures with the sales letter. Do not forget to tell your customers about the discounts. Ensure the letter is brief and clear. In the last paragraph, include the contact information and name of the contact person.

Sales Letter Sample

If you still have no idea to write the product promotion letter, you can read the following sample that we have provided to you.


Dear Mrs. Oliver,

Are you having a problem with your skin during summer? Does your skin change into dry and dehydrated?Here, we have the solution.

Beauty Blossom has just launched a new series of lotion, “Beauty Blossom Essentially Enriched Lotion”,to hydrate your skin during summer. You do not have to worry to spend time on the beach a whole day, because this lotion is formulated to protect and nourish your skin from dehydration. The Beauty Blossom Essentially Enriched Lotion is different from our previous lotion as it is completed with SPF 50+.

We have included a brochure and a coupon to be filled if you are interested in our offering. Make sure you get our special discount of up to 50% for the first 100 customers. We only sell 10,000 items until March 31, 2021, so grab it fast!

If you have any questions regarding this new promotion, please feel free to contact us by phone at (444)-7777-888. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day and happy shopping!


Warm regards,


Thomas Mathew

Marketing Manager of Beauty Blossom


That is all the brief explanation and its sample about the sales letter. We hope that you can get some inspiration to write your own product promotion letter.





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