4+ How to Create a Weekly Schedule Template

A weekly schedule template will help you a lot when you have so many repetitive tasks. Especially if you are a manager, you will need to create one to at least ease your job to arrange each week’s progress that should be met.


What is a weekly schedule template?

We can say that the template of a weekly schedule as one of the important things that will help your weekly works. Unfortunately, not all managers would apply this concept and they may find it more difficult to complete their weekly progress. In general, the template will save your time especially if you are such a busy manager. It helps you to become ready before the scheduling time. All you need is a pen and filling the information you need for the next week.

The purpose of a weekly schedule template

If you can keep the schedule in the simplest way, it will help you to do the task effectively. Other than that, the simple schedule will make the employees acknowledge their duties and privileges without trying too hard to understand. A weekly schedule is supposed to help somebody to figure out the task in a few seconds. This is also like a reminder for everyone about things that must be finished for the week.

How to create a weekly schedule template

You may find the template on the internet but the best thing to start is by creating your own. Microsoft Excel is the ideal place to start creating the template since it offers good flexibility. Creating a template may take more time because you need to figure out which one is needed and which one is not. However, once you have done the template, the scheduling process might be much easier. You can use the other programs or apps for creating a template after all.

Things that must be included are such as the day of the week, dates, employer names, the operational hour, the job responsibility of each employee (it changes every day), and a bar to indicate the working hour of your employees in charge. You can color coding so the schedule will be more effective yet easy to understand. Creating a table for the schedule might be another great idea.

The guidelines to modify the downloaded template

Downloading a template might be a good idea if creating it takes too much of your time. But you would need to make some adjustments that fit your work environment as well as your employee’s job desk. There are several things you must understand or modify such as:

Make sure that the schedule template shows each name of the employee along with the work hour and the job responsibilities. Just paste the names and other information to the next-week table and so on. Once you have the essential information about the employees, you can fill the template with a specific job they must complete for every week. As we have mentioned earlier, it must be simple and easy to understand. And this is how you create the weekly schedule template.

Download Template

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