What Is The Format To Use For An Academic Resignation Letter?

Having a job in an academic institute will make you feel happy and honored. However, several things may influence you to resign and quit your position in the institution. Many factors encourage someone to stop working, such as health conditions, stress, moving house, or getting a new job. All of these are normal, but to leave your job politely you must write an academic resignation letter as a form of your appreciation to the employer.


What are the Contents of My Resignation Letter?

As an employee who works in an academic institution, you must write your letter in good grammar and spelling. Use formal and official language to make your letter look professional. Don’t forget to write the exact date when you resign, along with the reasons why you resigned. Besides, add contact information if your employer wants to contact you at any time to discuss your resignation.

How To Write A Polite Resignation Letter?

Here are some elements that you can notice to write a polite academic resignation letter:

Say Thank You

A good resignation letter should be filled with sincere thanks. State that you appreciate the work given so far, as well as the valuable experience you have had. Also, tell your employer that you will not forget the best days of working with the institution.

Detailed Information

Write your resignation information in detail, starting from the date you last worked and the reason why you want to resign. Some of the reasons that are often used include moving house, health condition, having another job, stress, even going back to school.

Don’t Be Sudden

Don’t give sudden notice to make your resignation letter look professional. Moreover, if you work in an academic institution, you know that there will be many things to take care of. So, don’t write your letter out of the blue.

Aside from that, you can also offer help regarding the transition period or recommend someone to be your replacement.

Academic Resignation Letter Example

If you want to write your letter but are confused about how to get started, we will give you a simple resignation letter that can be used as your inspiration.

Dear Mr. Joseph,

I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position at the Excellent Academic Institute. A few weeks ago my father called and told me to return to Japan for personal reasons in MY family. My last day of work will be on January 13, 2021, I hope you will accept this letter as my two-week notice.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my resignation from the Excellent Academic Institute. If needed, I will be happy to recommend someone who deserves to replace me. Besides, I am also available to help with the transition period and willing to be contacted after I leave this institute. Please contact me at (999)-999-9999 or via my email at beccasharon72@email.com.

I am grateful for the valuable experience and opportunity that you have given to me. I will miss some of the most beautiful and memorable years I have had here. Thank you for being willing to consider my resignation.

Yours sincerely,


Rebecca Sharon

In conclusion, by choosing the correct diction, grammar, and spelling, your academic resignation letter will look professional. Hopefully, our brief explanation and sample above can help to write your letter.


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