The Simple Way To Write An Outstanding Acknowledgment Letter

In some cases, a document that shows a receipt has a very important role. For example, when sending resumes, products, or important documents, the recipient is required to provide official confirmation in the form of an acknowledgment letter. This letter format is also needed in the business world because it is the main indication that a business has been completed and done well. Hence, both parties do not sue each other or feel disadvantaged.


Is It Important To Write A Letter of Acknowledgment?

If the question is about the importance or not of writing an acknowledgment letter, of course, it will be very important. This letter is a receipt sent by a person or company to confirm that their party has received the product, service, or whatever was requested. This letter is also very important in business to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

How To Write A Letter of Acknowledgment?

Writing a business letter cannot be done carelessly. Several procedures must be followed, the most important thing from this letter format is that the tone must always be positive in clear and simple sentences.

As well as writing a formal document for acknowledgment, you must follow some important and professional steps. Some of them are as follows:

Express Gratitude

Do not be wordy by giving a long opening, you only need to speak directly to the main point, express your gratitude for the goods or services you have received. Also, write your name, position, and company in detail so it can be clear and accepted.

Convey Your Satisfaction

It is also important for you to write that you are satisfied with doing business together. Apart from saying thank you, you also need to express that you are looking forward to the good news about doing business again in the future. Say thank you again for the service that has been given.

Give Your Signature

Besides expressing gratitude and satisfaction, you also need to write your name and signature in the letter, because it is an official letter that represents your company.

Acknowledgment letter Sample

If you have noted a few important points above, you may want to start writing a letter of acknowledgment. Note, your letter must be written professionally in a short and clear sentence. The following is an example that you can use as inspiration:

Dear Mr. Walter,

As the owner of Delicious restaurant, I am writing this letter to confirm that I have received the food ingredients that we buy from First Quality Food Company. We have received the goods in fresh and good condition. We are very satisfied with the best service that has been given by your company to our restaurant.

On behalf of Delicious restaurant and all parties, I am truly satisfied with the service you provide and hope that this business will continue in the future. Thank you for the best service.



William Parker, Owner

Delicious Restaurant

That’s all our brief explanation about the importance of an acknowledgment letter. By reading the description and sample above, hoping you can get a new idea.


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