What Is The Main Purpose of A Child Custody Agreement Letter?

The decision to divorce has an impact on the future life of the child. One of the important steps parents should take when divorcing is to determine custody of the child. That way, it can be determined who has the full right to have the child and how the agreement is made between the two divorced parents. In this article, we will briefly review the child custody agreement letter and its simple example.

What Is The Purpose of the Custody Agreement Letter?

By using the letter for custody, the parents will avoid future disputes. The things that will be written in the document include the amount of child support.

With a custody agreement, the parents will also regularly manage the financial needs of their child. Children should not be disadvantaged by the decision of their parents who divorced. All the needs of children from care, education, food, and shelter will be well guaranteed.

Parents who make arrangements regarding child support require a Lawyer to determine their letter, either in front of a lawyer or a notary. After that, the letter can be submitted to the local court for approval from the judge.

The thing parents need to remember is that they need to have a copy of the document. This aims to avoid conflicts that occur in the future.

What is the Format of Custody Agreement Letter?

The format of the child custody agreement letter is the same as the format used for other support letters. The most important part of the letter is the decision about a parent who has the right to full custody, as well as details regarding visiting hours for parents who do not have full custody.

Then, both parents are obliged to sign the letter before submitting it to the lawyer and court. It is important to emphasize that both parents must agree on the agreement which they made because one party will provide the full support for the child.

Child Custody Agreement Letter Sample

Writing a custody letter is not easy, because parents must write it carefully. Below is a sample for custody letter written in a short and simple format:

Both parents agree to give visit time to children and there are no communication restrictions.

Weekends: Every weekend the children are allowed to spend time with their mother.

Holidays: During holidays such as Easter or Thanksgiving, parents who take their children on vacation change every year. On Christmas, summer, and spring also alternate. In the first period, children will spend time with their father, then in the next period with their mother.

Birthdays: Both parents have the right to invite their kids to have fun on their birthdays. If children have certain decisions, they have the right to consider.

Other Visits: Dad agrees that mom can visit or pick up the children on weekends or certain days for obvious reasons.

The agreement in this letter can change according to the age of the children. Both parents have agreed to approve this agreement.

The details in the letter have been approved and will be submitted to the court.

David Parker


David Parker, Father              Laurent Parker, Mother


________________      ___________________

Legal Witness



To sum up, a child custody agreement letter must be arranged by the parents who are going to divorce. This letter is the form of their responsibility to support their child’s future well.




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