When Should I Submit My Contractor Resignation Letter?

As with any other job, you also have to leave the job as a contractor with courtesy and elegance. You must still respect the employer and show that you want to leave the job properly. You can write a contractor resignation letter and then hand it over to the employer so that your resignation does not bring a negative impression. Besides, it is important not to give out your resignation letter immediately. Then how long should be the period between the submitting of the letter and the decision to resign?


When Is The Right Time To Resign?

Give it a long time, maybe about 2 weeks before you finally officially leave the office or project. That way, your employer will have a longer time to hire your replacement. Besides, you can also participate in helping with the ongoing transition.

Apart from providing a good time for the employer, 2 weeks’ notice is also important to cover workload or some inconvenience at the company or to your client. Note that you also have a big responsibility to finish some important project before you leave it.

What Should I Include in My Resignation Letter?

Talking about things that should be included in your contractor resignation letter, then you must research them carefully. Some of the things that you need to write in the letter include:

Reasons for Resignation

If you decide to write a resignation letter with a reason, then you must write it in the letter. You don’t need to explain in detail the reasons for resigning, just explain in general, so that your employer can get the points of your resignation intentions.

Offer to Help

As discussed earlier, your letter must be written 2 weeks before you officially resign. That way, you can offer help during the transition period. Also, include contact information in the future if you need to answer some questions.

You can also write that you are willing to assist if a client has some questions.

Resignation Date

The date of resignation is the most important point that you must write in the letter. Therefore, the company/client will make some preparations and take care of the salaries or benefits that need to be paid.

Contractor Resignation Letter Example

To make it clear, you can pay attention to the sample resignation letter for the contractor below. This sample is written by an independent contractor to the employer:

Dear Mr. Douglas,

I am writing to inform you that I have to resign from my position as the lead contractor for the construction of the girls’ dormitory at your school. I was in poor health after the doctor diagnosed me with leukemia. I didn’t think that I would have this condition. I can’t hold on to get the job done. However, my crew is willing to replace me and will finish the job on time. I will also happily recommend a new lead contractor if you need one.

I apologize if my resignation causes inconvenience. But I didn’t intend to do any of this. I have been taking good care of my health and diet, but this disease still comes to me. I don’t have any knowledge about leukemia before.

I am available to be contacted if you have some questions regarding my resignation. Please call me at (444)-4444-444, I will answer your call anytime. Once again I apologize for having to submit my resignation when the project is only halfway through.

Warm Regards,


Jack Hammington

All in all, a contractor resignation letter must be written carefully and pay attention to some important elements. Hope our brief explanation above can help you to write your letter.


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