Easy Tips To Write An Interview Appointment Letter

Sometimes you need to apply to the company vigorously to be considered, like writing an interview appointment letter. This letter is used as an important step for employee recruitment. This letter has two different formats, it can be written by a job seeker or written by a recruiting agency. In both formats of the letter, the goal is the same to discuss scheduling interviews. If you are in the position of a job applicant, you can write it in the right and proper format expressing that you are willing to do a live interview.


What Should be Empowered in the Appointment Letter?

Your letter must be prepared professionally, it is using clear, and concise language. Your letter should be written with an expectation of the interview meeting.

Several things that you can emphasize regarding your achievements, qualifications, and references from companies in accordance with the field. You can also disclose that an official at the company recommended you (if any).

How to Request a Live Interview?

Keep in your mind before writing a letter for an interview, you must follow several important steps such as:

Doing Research

As a job seeker, you certainly do many things to get job information. Do careful research whether a company has a job vacancy or not. You can look for it through social media, newspapers, or ask some of your colleagues or acquaintances from the company.

Ask the Company Directly

If you have a lot of free time, you can ask the company directly. That way, you can get valid and accurate information. It’s also possible to write your letter then brings it to the company while asking about the job vacancy.

What Should be Included in An Interview Appointment?

You need to pay attention to several important aspects to make your letter more professional. Don’t forget to include a few things such as a brief introduction, experience, awards, and qualifications that you have, state your enthusiasm and interest, close the letter politely and subtly.

Interview Appointment Letter Sample

Pay attention to a few things before writing your letter. Here is an example of a letter that you can use as inspiration:

Dear Mr. Samuel,

I am writing this letter to request an in-person interview. I would like to apply for an accountant position at ABC Company. I found out about vacancies in your company from your supervisor, Mr. Bentley Winslet. I met him last month when I came directly to your company to ask about job vacancies. Mr. Bentley gave some advice and a brief overview of the accountant position in your company. I feel that my qualifications are a perfect match for your company.

I just got to California two months ago. Previously I worked as an accountant at XYZ Company in Ottawa. I had to move to California because I must take care of my grandmother. While working in Toronto, I have many awards and have been promoted to my position.

I have attached a resume for you to use as development material. I will be very happy to meet you in person. Please contact me at (333)-3333-333 or by email at gracewilson@email.com. I will also be happy to provide a reference letter if you ask.



Grace Wilson

Enclosure: Resume

That’s all our short explanation about an interview appointment letter. By paying attention to the aspects above, you might write a great letter format.


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