Software Engineer Recommendation Letter: A Simple Guidance

In this article, you will learn about the tips, basic format, and sample of a recommendation letter made especially for software engineers. As other recommendation letters, this letter focuses on highlighting one’s skills and strengths. It should capture the positive traits of your employee so the other company in which your employee wants to apply will be interested and considers him/her to be a potential employee candidate. A software engineer recommendation letter is made for people who test, write, and design software.

Format Keys To Make A Recommendation Letter For Software Engineer

Here is a brief formula in making a software engineer recommendation letter:

  1. Letter Heading (the date, your full name, position, company’s name, company’s address, zip code, the recipient’s full name, position, company’s name and address, and zip code).
  2. Salutation
  3. Introduction paragraph (the purpose of the letter, the name of your employee).
  4. Body paragraphs (min. 2 paragraphs pointing your worker’s skill and strengths).
  5. Closing paragraph (conclusion, your contact information, thanking the recipient).
  6. Complementary closing and signature lines.

A Good Sample Of Recommendation Letter For Software Engineer

Here is an insight of a good software engineer recommendation letter:

February 1, 2021

William Park

Director, Human Resources

XYZ Software

567 Office Rd.

Wholesome City, CA 09876


Jeremy Wang

Director, Human Resources

THE Software

234 Street Rd.

Economy City, NY 89754


Dear Mr. Wang,

I write this letter on behalf of Jason Bright who would like to apply to THE Software as a software developer. He has been working with me from July 10, 2015 to January 32, 2021 as a software developer in my small start-up software company. He is responsible for gathering requirements, analyzing and designing a web using the latest variety of technologies.

During his employment, Jason never failed in any tasks I assigned him. He has always been an impressive software developer. Not only he finishes his work on time, but he is also able to satisfy our client. He has always been a fast learner. There is never once he doesn’t know about a term in technology since he always keeps himself updated with the latest technology and software.

Jason is a good communicator; he is able to make our client—who is not tech-savvy—understand about our products well by using simple words. Our clients always ended up praise him and recommend our products to other companies. Our company is thankful to him, but we understand that his passion for coding cannot go wasted in my small company.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend that Jason is required to join your company. Jason will be  a beneficial asset you do not want to lose. With the right guidance, I can assure you that he will soon excel in an upper-level position. For further details regarding this matter, you can contact me at (000) 000-0000 or





William Park


That is a simple guidance about software engineer recommendation letter. Now you can easily make your own letter. Good luck!




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