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5 easy steps to create a Facebook banner template on Canva

Canva is one of the websites that you can use for your activities and needs in the design for your social media, including the Facebook banner template for example. Not only that, for others like the posting model you can make it here to help you later.

Reasons to use Canva to create Facebook banner templates

This is because Canva is very easy to use. You can also design directly on the website. Also, there are so many sample templates that can also help you to get inspired to be able to make Facebook banner templates as you wish later.

How to make a Facebook banner template on Canva

If you are interested in making it in Canva, then you should pay attention to the following steps!

1.  Open Canva

The first thing is to visit the Canva website. Login first using your registered account. If you don’t have it, then you can make it first, of course, it’s free for sure. You can use your email, or by linking your social media accounts like Facebook or Google for example.

2.  Select a template

There are so many templates here. You can take one of them as a basis for your design later. Here you can choose a paid version other than free later. You are not forced to choose paid anyway. If you are satisfied with the design of the free version made by professional designers here, that is no problem.

3.  Upload a photo

If you plan to use photos, upload photos. You can use stock photos available on Canva, or you can also upload your photos on the upload feature of the device.

4.  Use filters

Because this is your design, then you are free to explore, of course. Take advantage of features such as filters or add some text, or add various shapes and patterns too later.

5.  Save

When it is finished, then you can save it according to the format available and you want it later. If you want to share, you can also take advantage of this sharing feature later.

Those are some ways in making Facebook banner templates later. So, you already have a shadow isn’t it, how easy it is to use Canva to make it. So what are you waiting for, hurry up to try it, and make some interesting designs that you will be able to install on your Facebook account later.

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