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Teenage Resume Template to Get the First Job

If you are a teen who looks for the first job, writing a professional resume is what you need to do. A well-organized resume is a very essential matter, especially to make a good impression for the potential employer. That is why you need to know about the teenage resume template.

Since the information inside the resume will be the consideration by the recruiter to value your personality, the template can be a helper. A template of the teenage resume will show the basic shape of a resume, so you just need to follow it when you want to create yours.

Sample of Teenage Resume for a Consideration

Here, we have a simple sample of the teenage resume that can be a source of inspiration when you want to make it. The sample of it can be seen as follow:

Alexandre Dumas

Personal Info

Phone: (777) 9182-991

E-mail: dumas.alex@gmail.com


An enthusiastic student with an excellent record of academic and proven leadership skills seeks the position of administrative which will provide kinds of opportunity to use and to apply time management and organizational skills.


Cat Walker, July 2019 – present

  • Collect cats based on the regular schedule
  • Provide exercise and stimulation to the cats according to the guidelines from the owners
  • Follow kinds of instructions to giving care and handling all cats
  • Communicate early with the owners, passing on information about cats via text and email as it is appropriate
  • Keep accurate records of hours worked
  • Collect payment from the clients


  • Senior at North Rider High School
  • Current GPA of 3.9


  • Self-motivated
  • Methodical
  • Time management
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Strong work ethic


As a member of the football team, I train regularly and compete in regional and different level competitions. I also contribute to recent wins for the team and the current position of the school now is at the top of the table competition

How to Write Teenage Resume Template

Following the sample of the teenage resume template can be a way to inspire you in making this document. However, here we have several points to be followed step by step when you want to make a good resume.

The steps are:

  • Read the description of the job thoroughly
  • Write the detailed contact information
  • Include the statement of objective
  • Add sections that are relevant to the resume, such as work history, education, skills, and others
  • Give figures and facts when it is possible
  • Proofread your resume before sending it

People also ask

What should a teenager put on their resume?

Minimally, the teenage resume should include several points, like contact information, experience, and education. Besides, including skills, objectives, hobbies, and others can be nice additional but it is still optional.

How can a teenager write a resume without experience?

There are many samples of the teenage resume template without experience. When you have no experience, the experience point can be replaced by some ideas, as:

  • Activities of extracurricular
  • Job shadowing
  • Coursework
  • Hobbies on a resume

What things to be avoided inside a teenage resume?

Using informal writing style and language options becomes the first matter to be avoided in writing a teenage resume. Besides, this resume also should be written simple and short. That is why writing a too-long resume should be avoided. Then, adding too much information is not allowed. A teenager should include only important information inside their resume.

Kinds of Teenage Resume

Teenage First Job Resume Template

It is a simple teenage resume template to follow, especially for those who want to get their first job. The points of the resume can be read clearly and easily. Of course, you could make your resume to get your first job easily by using this template.

Teenage Part Time Job Resume Template

A part-time job sometimes becomes the realistic option for the teenager, especially when they need to separate their time for working and studying. With this resume template, inexperienced teenagers will be easier to arrange their first resume and get their job.

Teenage Entry-Level Resume Template

The teenage entry-level resume is a simple shape of a resume to be followed. It covers some basic personal information of the teenager to get their first job. Following this shape of the resume will be very useful, so you could make a simple but excellent resume.

Teenage Resume Cover Letter

A cover letter is also needed, especially to get the impression of the employer. That is why creating the best cover letter and resume is essential. Through this template, you could make both of them the best and pass the recruitment process.

Teenage Babysitting Resume

Becoming a babysitter sometimes is an interesting option, especially for the teenager that has some needed skills. However, in common, the agent will do some selection process to find the best agent to be recruited. This template can be an excellent document to help you spread personal information, so the employer will give more attention to you.

Teenage Resume with Voluntary Experience

Voluntary experience can be a plus point for the teenager when looking for a new job. The detailed experience, of course, will be an additional consideration by the recruiter. Of course, they will have a higher chance to be recruited. However, making a good resume is a must and this template can be a helper in arranging the resume details.

Professional Teenage Resume

A professional resume is needed, especially when you –as a teenager want to look for a new professional job. This kind of resume will be one of the most important documents that the recruiter wants to consider. Through a professional resume, the character of the candidate can be known. This template can be a guideline when you want to make your professional resume.

Writing a teenage resume sometimes will be challenging. It is reasonable since there are some matters and details to be considered.

However, with some options of the teenage resume template, there will be easiness that you get in the making process. You could use the template as your guideline. Just find the most appropriate template based on your need and follow the shape of it.


Teenage Resume Template Sample



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