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Academic Curriculum Vitae Templates and Guides to Make It

Academic curriculum vitae is also known as an academic CV. This document is a comprehensive list of the educational background, awards, publication, and other matters. This document is very essential since it is applied to get a position in a higher-level institution. That is why knowing about the academic curriculum vitae templates is also important.

The template of the academic CV can be a helper for you. A good template of the academic CV will show what to be written inside this document. Besides, it also shows the shapes of the CV, so everyone who needs to make a CV can be helped and inspired.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about the academic CV and some guides to make it. Know how to make the academic CV and you will have easiness to make yours!

Sample of Academic Curriculum Vitae

To inspire you in creating the best academic CV, there is a sample of it that you may see and follow. Of course, it is one of the nice academic curriculum vitae templates that can be your guide.

For the detailed sample, check the following details:

Harry Alexandre Larry

Senior Lecturer on English Literature

Head Director of Creative Writing

The State University of Alabama, US

812 Jonson Street, NY 118822



2011 Ph.D. in Creative Writing and Literature

University of New York, NY

The Department of Creative Writing

Thesis Title: “A Synthesis of Contemplative and Classical Heroism in English Literature”

Thesis Supervisor: Martina O’Neil

2006 M.A. in English, Graduated Cum Laude

University of New York, NY

The Department of Modern Languages

Thesis Title: “Love and Culture Seen in Layla and Majenun”

Thesis Supervisor: James Kane

2003 M. Lit. In English, First Honors

University of Alabama, St. Alabama, US

Professional Appointments

Head Director of Creative Writing

The University of Alabama, NY

Department of Creative Writing

2017 – present

Visiting Lecturer on English

University of New York, NY

Department of English and Literature

2012 – 2016



Language Ambiguities. New York: Peter and Sons, 2017

Sexual on Politics and Literature. Manchester. Penguin. 2018.

Awards and Honors

2018, Green Society Book Prize, Winner

2017, Prose Awards

2015, Best Contemporary Creative Writing

2015, Best Social Critic for Modern Literature

2014, Candidate of Best New Your Writers

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

2011 – 2013

Teaching Assistant

The City University of Philadelphia, NYC


English, French, German, and Arabic

The sample as above can be a source of inspiration when you want to make a good academic CV. Of course, it will be better if you look for another reference and compare it.

How to Write Academic Curriculum Vitae?

Using the templates of an academic curriculum vitae can be a helper since there is a default shape to follow. However, to make it simple, there are some steps to be followed to make this document.

The steps to follow are:

  • Use the right academic CV template or format
  • Create a standard header of an academic CV
  • Write an objective or personal profile
  • Describe the education
  • List the professional appointments
  • List the publication with some divisions
  • Show the awards and honors
  • Write about the teaching experience
  • Show the languages and skills

People also ask

What are the tips to make a good academic CV?

There are some tips to be known in making a good academic CV, as:

  • Think about the length of the academic CV
  • Think about the structure of the academic CV and make sure that it follows the professional structure
  • Consider the audience
  • Make the academic CV easy to read
  • Be consistent in writing the detailed information
  • Carefully edit the information

What are common mistakes that happen in writing an academic CV?

Some common mistakes that happen during the writing of anacademic CV are:

  • The use of unprofessional and informal words and language structure
  • Inconsistent in applying writing style
  • Writing an unimportant and inappropriate information
  • Writing a too-long academic CV

Should an academic CV be written with a certain design?

Designing the academic CV is an important matter to be done. Since the academic CV is very essential, especially to prove personal value, a certain design will be very useful to increase the sense of professionalism there. Besides, a certain design in making the academic CV will provide a neat arrangement of the CV, so the detailed information can be read easily.

Kinds of Academic Curriculum Vitae Templates

Finding appropriate academic curriculum vitae templates will be very helpful for you. A certain template of the academic CV will be very useful to be a guide when you want to make the best version of it.

There are some different templates of the academic CV that you could see and find as a new guide. The template can be seen as follows:

Graduate School Academic Curriculum Vitae Template

The graduate school academic CV template is a simple sample to be followed. This document can be a helper, especially for the graduated students that want to make their first CV to get their first job with or without experience.

Academic Medicine CV Template

This template shows the detailed information that the college students of the medicine department could see. By this template, writing a professional CV to get a better position or a new level of their study will be easier.

Undergraduate Academic CV Template

The undergraduate academic CV is very useful, especially for those who want to make a good academic CV. This template will help them to arrange the detailed information that should be written in proposing a professional CV while they are still staying on their study.

Academic Experience Curriculum Vitae Template

It is a very versatile academic curriculum vitae template that can be applied. The template is very easy to be understood and it is also clear. You could write the detailed experiences that you have here and increase the personal value to get new jobs and places to continue the study.

With some options and samples, it will be easier to find the best academic curriculum vitae templates and start to make yours. Find the most appropriate template to make a good CV for your needs. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.



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