Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance and the example  

When you want to terminate your employment due to their poor performance, you need to arrange a termination letter due to poor performance. This simple termination letter will help you to protect you as an employer. Therefore, you have to arrange this letter properly to get more advantages easily.


What is the importance of a termination letter due to poor performance?

To write this letter, you need to keep this idea simple and do not state a reason for the termination. The termination letter due to poor performance idea also has to make sure that it is dated and will pass the legal muster. The proper arrangement of this letter will protect you in court if the terminated files charge you with discrimination.

How to create a termination letter due to poor performance 

Furthermore, creating this termination letter due to the poor performance template is also not too difficult. You can follow some steps below to arrange the letter well. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • To start this letter, you have to draft the letter very carefully to keep the feeling of the readers
  • You also can mention the example that you can back with the documented proof
  • Make good allegations that amount to little more than suspicion should be left out entirely

Tips to write a termination letter due to poor performance

Besides, you also will need some tips when you write this termination letter due to poor performance format. The tips will lead you to arrange the template better to read. Here are some of the tips to write this letter:

  • You have to apply straightforward language and wording that will leave no room for doubt as to the aim of the letter
  • You have to include the date of the termination and information about how employee receive the final paycheck
  • Remember to include any other information that is relevant to your company and the specific employee

The example of a termination letter due to poor performance

To facilitate your writing this letter, you also can read the termination letter due to the poor performance sample. The sample will guide you properly to arrange the letter suitable for your needs.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Robertson, 

I am writing the letter to inform you that effective today March 15, 2018, you are being dismissed from the star designer services. Your dismissal is based on poor performance over a six-month period. The certain dates will be led in the detail below. 

When you were hired, your manager has discussed the company’s performance expectations with you. The expectation also has been presented to you again in the orientation. During your time with star designer service, you have failed to do the best design for the customers.

To prevent this final step your manager developed a performance improvement plan that included your input and was approved by you in writing. In this idea, you will be paid for any unused vacation or sick days that you have accrued. You also probably can choose to have this paycheck to your home address or you can call me at 666-999-0000. You have to make sure that we had your current address on file so that we can send your W-2 form. 



Donny Black,

Mr. Donny D. Black, executive director of designer service

That is all about a termination letter due to poor performance. This letter has to include detailed information to make the readers easy to read and know your aims well.


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