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Iconic Halloween Decorations that Must Be On Your Halloween Invitation

Halloween is a celebration held in some countries every October 31st. This event is held to reminisce about the deceased. But along with time, Halloween becomes a party. Many people use this event to gather with their family and friends. So, it is not surprising that you can easily find a Halloween party invitation template on the internet. If you decide to use such a template, make sure these iconic Halloween decorations are involved.

Jack O Lanterns

The very first is Jack O Lanterns. It can be said that Jack O Lanterns are the face of Halloween. This decoration is usually made from carved pumpkins filled with a dim lamp. But, do you know why Jack O Lanterns are made from pumpkins? This is heavily influenced by Irish folklore about Stingy Jack. He was a cunning and stingy farmer named Jack. It is said that during his lifetime Jack had committed many sins. He even deceived the devil with a cross and made an agreement, so that later when he died, his spirit would not be sent to hell.

But when his death came, heaven certainly did not accept his spirit, while the devil in hell kept his promise not to take him to hell. Finally, he was cursed to forever roam in the darkest place in the world and armed with burning embers from hell that would never be extinguished. Then, he carved a pumpkin and put the coal in it to make a lantern. This is where the term Jack O Lantern came from.

Spiders’ Web

Spiders’ web makes everything look spooky, including Halloween party invitations. So, make sure you choose Halloween invitation templates that have this iconic Halloween decoration.


Bats are an iconic animal for Halloween. It is because this animal gets out only at night. Your elementary teachers must get you to make little paper bats during arts and crafts in October, right?

Black Cats

Every single one knows that a black cat is extremely mystical. This is the reason why black cats become an iconic decoration for Halloween. If you are a cat lover, why don’t you choose Halloween templates that feature this animal?

Those are the iconic Halloween decorations that you should involve when choosing Halloween invitation templates. However, the invitation does not have to always be spooky and creepy. You can also opt for the fun ones too. Ready to find the most attractive Halloween template?

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Halloween party invitation Ideas

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