Apology Letter to Teacher and Example

Teachers are people who teach, descriptively speaking. However, in fact their job includes dealing with the students as well. Among them all, there is always the unruly ones.Apology letter to teacheris often made by that kind of students at school.


What Is Apology Letter to Teacher

Teasing fellow students can be settled with just simple apology. However, doing it to the teacher is considered as an act of disrespect. Thus, you will need to write student apology letterfor the teacher. That’s how you say sorry properly.

How to Make Apology Letter to Teacher

Let’s get started with the apology letter making. Here, we have the steps for you to follow. As long as you follow the order, you should be able to make proper letter. We will just have to adjust hoe you write with the tips later to make it smooth and nicer.

  • Address the teacher’s name
  • Say you are sorry for your misconduct
  • Mention good things about the teacher
  • Tell you want to make it up beyond the punishment
  • Promise to not do such thing ever again
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Apology Letter to Teacher

Following the letter making procedure is good and all, but it might turn out to be quite stiff and formal with no tinge of honesty in it. So, you should consider some useful tips to make your letter better that the teacher can feel you are really repenting.

  • Be honest admitting your mistake
  • Be clear to show you realize you are wrong
  • Be apologetic to gain teacher’s acceptance
  • Be mindful of your future action

Apology Letter to Teacher Example

We have one example to inspire you here. Apology to teacher letter can be made this way. Write yours in this fashion and you are ready. Let’s not waste any time and give it a read. You will get a picture of how to make apology letter to teacher here.

Dear Mrs. Rowenna,

I am writing this letter to apologize for my past action the other day. Putting gum on your seat is one act of disrespect. Though it was little prank on my part, I know you are hurt and I apologize for that. Had I known it, I should never do something like that. You are a very wonderful, gentle, and kind teacher to us.

Your teaching is easy to understand and you have never taught it harshly to us. And yet I was stupid enough to pull this prank on you and cause you shame in front of the whole class. I have made it difficult for you to teach as usual. Though I have been punished, I still want to make it all up beyond that. I am really sorry.

I have learned my mistake and I promise to hold you with even higher respect from today onwards for I know you have always been a great teacher to us. I won’t repeat the same mistake in the future and be a good example for other students.


Mickle Howen


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