Medical Leave Letter from Doctor and Template

When people are undergoing medical treating, quite often they would be asked to write medical leave letter from doctor. Some people and places need this as proof of one’s absence. That way, their leave will be understood and fully accepted. Here is the guide.


What Is Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

Be definition, this letter is one to write for those in need to prove their absence for undergoing medical treatment. Usually, medical leave letter recipient is teacher from the students, or employer from the workers. Did you get a picture of its use?

How to Make Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

Let’s get on to the making, shall we? It is not going to be difficult as long as you follow the procedure in order. Here, we have it listed step by step for better understanding of the letter making. Medical temporary leave letter should be well written then.

  • Address the recipient
  • Formal request the leave
  • Tell your diagnosis to back it up
  • Recommend enough time for recovery
  • Leave phone number for further questions
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

You will be in the need of some tips to write even this letter. Though it is just simple leave letter, don’t take its writing lightly.Patient medical leave letter can be much better with these tips below in mind as you write the letter. Let’s see them all below.

  • Keep it formal in professional business style
  • Write the letter in concise manner
  • Use proper grammar
  • Put name and contact info at the top

Medical Leave Letter from Doctor Template

This guide won’t be complete without the leave letter template sample itself. Do spare your time to read it so you have better grasp on what you will be making later. Medical leave letter from doctorshould be professionally written to be credible after all.

Dear Ms. Annalise,

I am writing this letter to formally request for temporary leave of my patient, Mr. Rick Johnson from his work until January 29, 2021. I have diagnosed Mr. Johnson having with stroke. Though it is not contagious of an illness, it is serious matter for his health. Some amount of time is needed to make sure him stable.

Thus, I recommend you 2-week leave at most from work to finish his treatment and recuperate at home until his body is ready to be put to work. I have follow up visit with him on January 28, 2021 in hope that I will be able to finalize everything and allow him to get back to his work. I believe it is possible to do so.

That is so long as Mr. Johnson follow the treatment properly and being given enough time off from work.Should you have any question, you can contact me at (555)-231-3776. Thank you for your consideration. We will make sure to help Mr. Johnson back to his health.

Kind Regards,

Reo Cenhard

Reo G. Cenhard, M.D.

Stockholm Family Doctor Practice


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