4+ Name Tent Template Sample

Name Tent Template Sample That Attractive And Clear

Name tent template sample is an example of a great way to attract the eyes of its beholders when they will see it when they pass your booth or table, you can find it easy to make and easy to deploy. With that said you need the most attractive and good looking within your theme of template of course, also don’t forget to make sure your design of choice is clear and easy to read because a lot of people passing by and will likely notice your design and here are some name tent template sample you can pick that is great to use and attractive to look

Basic Design

The first design basic name tent offers one of the basic and most clear forms of a name tent template sample, easy to see and nothing much that will distract whoever sees it. Due to its basic design, the template is considered to use by many professionals that focused on function rather than creativity.

  • Single-Sided Template

Like its name it only has a single to fill one side of the tent, can be mass-produced with half the ink of normal double name tent design. Its one-sided template will prove to be enough to inform whoever sees it loud and clear, you just have to fill your name and fill the rest of the template accordingly such as company name, title, or event.


  • Name Template With Space For Logo

If you feeling creative while you want to keep it in moderation you can use this kind of template, with a space on the left side for your company logo or pictures that fit your current event. Just like the above, you just have to fill your name and the rest of it.

Creative Design

To make name tent template attractive we need to explore and get creative to attract more eyes and looking good. One of the best elements to use colors, with combining different sets of colors and paintings we can make sure the name tent template will have its job done.

  • Dark-Colored Backdrop And White Text

Monochromatic design is no doubt one of the most elegant color you can think of, imagine the classy effect of the template when you combine gray background with a few gradient colors have and stamp your name in white, clear and classy that is the impression the beholder get when they pass by.

  • Name Template With Border And Picture

There is nothing else that beat creativity when a picture or an image is on your name template, picking a picture that suit you or the event will make sure people that see your name template understand the atmosphere you can have, borders on each side of your template will fill the space left with design and lines that express you truly with this name tent template sample.


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