3+ Ticket Template Sample


Design Your Ticket Easily with Free Ticket Template Sample

A free ticket template sample is useful if you want to design tickets when organizing an event. The ticket template is free to download, so downloading it is much less costly and time-consuming than designing the ticket yourself. There is also a rich variation of template designs available, so you can always find the most practical and visually appealing design for your tickets.

What Is a Ticket Template?

A ticket template is a downloadable template for designing tickets. If you are organizing an event and require every attendant to have a ticket, which you sell to them, you can use a free ticket template sample to design the ticket.

The free ticket template sample that you download includes everything necessary to make the ticket comprehensible. It includes the name of the event, the ticket number that makes each ticket unique, and the details about the event, including its date, venue, etc.


When choosing a free ticket template sample, one important thing to mind is the size of the ticket template. Remember that a ticket cannot be a full paper wide for practical reasons. It is generally small and a sheet of printing paper (A3, A4, etc.) can be used to accommodate multiple tickets.

When choosing a template, you can choose a template containing only a single ticket that you need to copy multiple times over the entire sheet of the printing paper or a full-paper template that includes tiled ticket designs. The latter is a better choice because you can skip the chore of copying the ticket design.

Another important element of the ticket to mind is the ticket’s number. To make sure that every ticket is unique, you have to make sure that each ticket has a unique number. Some templates have included a unique number for each ticket, but some leave the number field empty so that you can fill it yourself.

Ticket Sample

There are generally two types of free ticket template sample that you can download: the one with a number field to make each ticket unique and the one without the number field if ticket’s uniqueness is not considered an important matter.

Template with a ticket number field: https://www.template.net/editable/379/event-admission-ticket

Template without a ticket number field: https://www.template.net/editable/425/entry-ticket

How to Use the Template

To use the template, simply download the free ticket template sample and do some needed modifications to it. If you want to make each ticket unique with a specific code or number, choose a template with a number field where you can input the number for each ticket. If you are familiar with advanced graphic design applications, such as CorelDraw, you can use the print merge feature to input the ticket number automatically.

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