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Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Tips to Make a Good One

Baby shower invitation templates save your time and money in the first place. You don’t need to pay for a graphic designer to make an eye-catching invitation design. 

On the other hand, you already have an awesome baby shower invitation to share with the world. The good thing about using a template is that you can simply edit the content. 

All you need to do is to fill the details, pick the colors, and everything is done. Below we have some useful tips on sending the invitation to your baby shower.

Things to consider on baby shower invitation templates

When you choose one of the baby shower invitation templates, a few things are worth your consideration. 

Even though everyone can use any color, picking the color according to gender is kind of crucial. Pink and blue are the most common color used for a baby shower invitation. 

Today, you can pick any color you like and make it pastel to match the baby’s vibe. Using yellow, navy, green, and any color of your preference would work as long as you make it pastel. You can add “it’s a boy” on the invitation. 

However, if you prefer to include a “gender reveal” party in the baby shower, you better not show the boy or girl on the invitation. 

Using a template is highly recommended since you will find a bunch of themes, colors, font types, and decorations. Most of them are free and you can still get a good-looking invitation to share.

What to include

When you make a baby shower invitation, there are several things you need to include. Since the template is editable, you can adjust the list with your needs.


Before sending the invitation, you need to make a guest list. It helps you to prepare much better and include the important people at the party.

Who to invite

Also, you need to decide the guests. Some baby shower parties only invite ladies. Of course, you can invite the gentlemen too. All you need to do is to state the information clearly on the invitation. This one is optional so you need to edit the template in the first place.


This is one of the most fun parts. You need to decide the wording and choose the most appropriate one. Rhyming words, inspirational quotes, and cute phrases would do well. Of course, the baby shower invitation templates will ease the entire process.

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